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Here Are The 10 Most Controversial Political Scandals That Has Shocked The Philippines

Sex in itself is a controversial topic…how much more if it’s mixed with government figures? Without a doubt, together—sex and politicians—they make an explosive topic that leaves the public clamouring for more! Here are the top 10 scandalous political sex scandals that shocked the entire Philippines.


Photo source: Digital Journal

Manila Mayor Died of a Heart Attack While Making Love


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On April 15, 1962, former Manila mayor Arsenio Lacson allegedly died of heart attack in his hotel suite while in the heat of making love to Charito Solis, a multi award-winning actress. The truth about the issue was never verified, but, it didn’t die a natural death because some power is keeping it alive up to this day. As for Solis, it was one of the groundless rumours that soured her career.

The Philippine President Betrayed by His Female Lover


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When the movie Maharlika—a movie about the war exploits of President Ferdinand Marcos—was being shot in 1969, an American actress by the name of Dovie Beams played the hero’s love interest. In an interview, Beams revealed that she recorded some “encounters” she had with president. The story might have been true, but, Marcos supporters insisted that Beams was just clamouring for attention.

Town Mayor and His Goons Murdered College Students


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Antonio Sanchez, the mayor of Caluan, Laguna, was arrested for spearheading the rape of Eileen Sarmenta, a UP Los Baños student, and the murder of Sarmenta’s boyfriend, Allan Gomez. In 1995, Sanchez and his goons were sentenced to seven life imprisonment terms. While in their prison cell, Sanchez was caught with one kilo of shabu that was concealed inside a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Congressman Charged for Corrupting a Minor


Photo source: Philstar

Zamboanga Del Norte Congressman Romeo Jalosjos was charged of two counts of statutory rape and six counts of acts of lasciviousness in December 1997. He allegedly raped an 11-year old girl in 1996. He was sentenced to two life imprisonment terms but in 2009, Jalosjos was set free. A lot of people can’t help but ask how the ex-congressman pulled it off.

The Commander-in-Chief’s Special Friend


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Former President Fidel Ramos purportedly had a relationship with the former beauty queen Rosemarie “Baby” Arenas wherein the latter was then dubbed as the “Hidden First Lady”. When asked about the veracity of the issue, Ramos would say that it was a thing of the past and a matter between two persons only. Rumour also has it that they bore a love child but has not been proven until this day. Amelita “Ming” Ramos, the first lady, also opted not to talk about the issue.

The Philippine President’s Other Women


Photo source: Jacob Images

Former president Joseph “Erap” Estrada does not deny having other families aside from his legal one. He admitted that he had long-term relationships with three other women and bore children with each. In an interview, Estrada’s wife, Dr. Loi Ejercito, has already accepted the situation. It seems that practically everyone deems this kind of setup as “normal” which is supposedly not appropriate for a primarily Catholic country.

Senator Sought Refuge in Lady Friend’s Home


Photo source: Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

When Gregorio ‘Gringo’ Honasan was suspected of being involved in spearheading the Oakwood Mutiny in November 15, 2006, he was nabbed at a townhouse in Greenmeadows in Quezon City which was purportedly owned by a lady named Ingrid Ramos. There was a video that circulated showing Honasan with his pants partially off him jumping from the townhouse’s second floor window. It appears that, the village residents considered the couple as “live-in partners”. Honasan didn’t talk much about the issue, waited patiently for the scandal to die down and in 2007, he was again elected as a senator.

Governor Whipped Common-Law Wife and Her Lover


Photo source: At Midfield

Luis “Chavit” Singson and Rachel “Che” Tiongson became common-law partners for 17 years and when things started to get sour between the two of them, they split up. Tiongson then fell in love with another man, Richard Catral, and when Singson found out about this, he whipped Tiongson and tortured Catral. Singson admitted what he did and said in an interview, “I was even kind, I didn’t kill them!” Tiongson eventually withdrew the charges against Singson and made peace with him. This act did not hurt Singson’s political career because he once again won the governor position in Ilocos Sur.

Vice-President Admitted His Transgressions

Jejomar Binay

Photo source: Inquirer

When Jejomar Binay was still campaigning for the May 2010 elections, photos of him with an unnamed woman were disseminated and his past affair came out to public. Binay did not deny the accusation and admitted to have had an affair in the past. He said that he already asked for forgiveness from his wife.

Member of Provincial Board Accused of Rape


Photo source: All Voices

Patrick Dela Rosa, an actor-turned-politician, was accused of raping “Roxanne” (not her real name), a 20 year old college student, that led to his arrest last October 8. Dela Rosa allegedly offered ‘Roxanne’ Php2.5 million pesos settlement fee but was rejected by the latter. ‘Roxanne’ also denied having asked Php5 million from Dela Rosa. Dela Rosa denied any allegations from the other party; hence, the case is still under investigation up to this date.

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