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Meet The Woman Behind The Cover Of The April 2023 Issue Of InLife International: Anna Redman


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Anna Redman, a former Bachelor contestant who has since become a viral TikTok influencer, is sharing her recommendations for must-have items during the holiday season. Whether you’re looking for gifts for your significant other, parents, siblings, or even yourself, Anna has all the tips and tricks for unique and thoughtful presents for every special person in your life. In addition to providing holiday shopping advice, Anna’s dedicated fanbase also turns to her for positive and relatable fashion tips, glowing makeup suggestions, interior design inspiration, and insights into healthy relationships.

Despite her newfound fame, Anna remains a small-town girl at heart, having grown up in a small Minnesota town. She also shares tips on how to thrive in any city, proving that her advice is applicable to anyone, anywhere.

InLife International recently caught up with Anna to discuss her journey in the industry, and here’s what went down:

Could you please tell our readers a brief background about yourself?

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota and moved to Chicago for school. I’ve always been a super crafty and creative person, so I knew a regular 9-5 was not what I would be striving for. I worked through school to get a degree in creative advertising and started a big agency! Working in the creative advertising sphere taught me so much about the business behind social media–that experience was truly priceless.

But I ended up quitting mid-pandemic to take my shot at finding love on reality TV. That didn’t work out, but I did end up meeting great people during the experience–most notably my current boyfriend.

How did you become an international influencer? What’s it like to be an influencer?

The show gave me a good step to start when it came to building a career in social media, but the real work started happening a year later. I started filming everything and posting it on TikTok, and people really liked it! So now, I still work in advertising full-time, and I do social media full-time. It’s a great, fast-paced, hectic, and fun life!

What has been your greatest triumph, to date?

Career-wise: hitting 100K on both TikTok (@annaredman) and Instagram (@anna_redman). It’s crazy to think that 100,000 care about my life and what I’m doing! I really appreciate every single one of them.

What has been your greatest lesson, and how have you used that lesson in your life?

Not to put weight on other people’s opinions.

If you think too much about what others think of you, you’ll never achieve anything! You’ll be too scared to be the “true you,” try new things, or in my world, post online!

If you could travel back in time and alter one historical event, where would you go and what would you attempt to change?

Keeping it light: Add cheerleading to the first Olympics! It deserves more hype.

What do you think you came into this life to learn, and what do you think you came here to teach?

I think I’m here to learn selflessness.

I feel like I’ve been on a spiritual journey this year, which is learning about ego and unlearning listening to it.

I also think I’m here to spread happiness–not really “teaching,” but hopefully, it counts.

If that’s through my jokes online or in person with my friends, I just want everyone around me to feel good and happy.

What projects are you working on right now?

I’ve been grinding out projects like crazy for the last few months of 2022. So my current project is myself. To get myself in a pique physical and mental state so that I am ready to take on the next opportunity.

Can you give us some tips and tricks for the most unique and thoughtful gifts for every special someone?

I think the best gifts are acknowledgments that you’ve been listening to that person! Take note of their special interests or if that says they need something or want to try something–and give that as a gift! Gifts should scream, “I KNOW YOU.”

What would you still like to attempt in your career?

Everything! I’m at this cool crossroads in my life where I’m looking into what’s next! It could be anything from starting a brand or trying to get my foot into the acting door! Who knows.

What advice would you give to those hoping to follow in your footsteps?

Manifest! Manifest! Manifest!

See yourself where you want to be, actually BELIEVE you could do it, and then put the work into getting there.

Photo Credit: Kim Kovacik


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