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Lea Salonga’s Controversial Tweet Just Started A War With Joey de Leon, Jose Javier Reyes And Chris Martinez!


Leah Salonga’s tweet just recently started a war with none other than Joey de Leon and directors Jose Javier Reyes and Chris Martinez.

Her tweet read: “Okay lang sa akin ang kababawan, pero hanggang doon na lamang ba tayo? #NagtatanongLangPo.”

This tweet was linked to the immensely popular ‘Kalye Serye ng Eat Bulaga,’ AlDub love team and the netizens and ardent followers of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub or Maine Mendoza criticized Lea Salonga for her comments and responded back by sending some tongue-lashing tweets her way.

AlDub fans interpreted this tweet as a direct attack to AlDub Nation – to them, it meant that watching the AlDub#KalyeSerye on Eat Bulaga! Is a form of “kababawan” or in other words flimsy mind.

Besides the AlDub fans, Lea Salonga’s controversial tweet also got the attention of two award-winning directors Chris Martinez and Jose Javier Reyes, who cannot help but sent their corresponding messages to Lea.

Famous director Reyes said that as long as they make people happy, there’s nothing wrong with the AlDub#KalyeSerye of Eat Bulaga.

Meanwhile, check out the heated exchange of tweets between Lea Salonga and the trio of De Leon, Reyes and Martinez:

Leah Salonga’s original tweet read: “Okay lang sa akin ang kababawan, pero hanggang doon na lamang ba tayo? #NagtatanongLangPo”

Eat Bulaga! Host Joey de Leon responded to Leah’s tweet by tweeting: “Bigyan ako ng Dalawampu’t Limang Milyon, Anim na Raang Libong dahilan bakit may “kababawan” ang Kalyeseryer. Baka KABEBEWAN! #ALDUBandPROUD.

“Mga tao sa labas at nagsasaya huwag mong ihusga kung nasa lungga ka! Sa lungga ka na lang at ‘di mo sila kilala,” he added.

At this point, Director Joey Reyes also tweeted: Oo na, kababawan na kung kababawan. Wala rin namang masama na maging masaya ang tao sa kahit na anong channel for a few hours, di ba?”

Director Chris Martinez also joined the twitter war and said:

“Dear Lea,

To answer your question: HINDI. We are a nation that needs entertainment like any other nation in the world.

Bakit malalim ba ang The Voice?


Ultimately, Salonga sent another tweet to respond to everyone’s allegations ““Ang daming judgmental at defensive dito. Haaaaay, di niyo na-gets ang tweet ko.

Uhmmm… I have no idea what’s going on. Why did people assume I was tweeting about AlDub? I wasn’t. I don’t know about it. So why the hate?

Only now am I finding out that today was a significant day. I honestly had zero idea anything was going on! My tweet was pure coincidence!”

Well folks, it’s quite interesting to see how this story will end. Watch this space!

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