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Sunshine Cruz And Cesar Montano’s Legal Feud Has Just Hit Rock Bottom… OMG


The legal battle between Cesar Montano and with his estrange wife, Sunshine Cruz is seemingly getting more complicated and has now hit rock bottom with Montano being denied the right to see his daughters.

In an interview, Cesar was asked about his current stance in relation to his daughters, and this is what he said: “I miss them more than my life.”

Montano reputedly admitted that his opportunity to neither see nor talk to his daughters from estranged wife, Sunshine Cruz is down to nil.

This circumstance is in connection with the case of physical abuse filed by Cruz apparently against Montano in violation of R.A. 9262 or Anti Violence Against Women and their Children (VAWC) Act.

When asked about his relationship with his three daughters from Sunshine Cruz, Cesar said in his statement:
“Well, now, wala pa ako masabi dun kasi isinama ng dati kong asawa yung pangalan ng tatlong anak ko sa case namin. And it’s inside the circle of gag order kaya wala ako masabi. Although I hate the idea, wala akong magagawa.”

Cesar was interviewed by entertainment reporters during the press conference of the film, “Ang Nilalang”, where he’s the lead actor, and the movie is an entry in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2015. The presscon was held at WeLovePost production house on Monday night, October 12 in Makati City.

Cesar Montano is despondent, that the camp of Sunshine Cruz is not cooperating and unresponsive, when he tried to communicate with them in spite of his futile effort to interact with them, and this he said, is opposed to their previous agreement.

Montano remarked in desperation: “Hindi nakikipag-cooperate sila, which is actually against the law.
“Kasama yun sa agreement namin pero hindi nila ginagawa.”

According to him, he’s doing his utmost best to reach out to Sunshine, despite the complicated situation of their family.

“Yeah. As a father, I have to. I have no choice.” He said. “Because ever since na ipinanganak sila, lumaki sila, it has been my passion.” He added.

Regardless of his situation, Cesar Montano more or less is still fortunate to have his return movie, keeping him busy aside from his painting hobby and playing golf.

However, in spite of the positive developments in his movie career and keeping him preoccupied with his personal hobby and physical activities, he’s still not happy and contented because he is longing to see his three daughters and be by their side.

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