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The Big Reveal: Gary V Finally Opened Up Why His Son Resented Local Showbiz


Last month, Gab aka Gabriel Valenciano became a trending topic after he revealed on Facebook why he left the local show business in the Philippines more than three years ago and why he has never looked back.

Well Gary V finally made a statement regarding Gab’s Facebook rant last Monday after the press conference for his upcoming concert “Gary V Presents” that is coming up on October 30 at 31 at Newport Performing Arts Theatre and he explained a lot.

Gary said “There were moments when I was also treated like that so I understand. The industry can be very unfair. And imagine, he is my son.”

He also revealed “ang ayaw kasi ni Gab ay makarinig ng ‘kaya ka nandito dahil lang sa tatay mo.’ I think any child of any entertainer whether it’s Karylle, Gabriel or anybody, you don’t want to hear that. Kaya nga binanggit ko kay Tito Boy (Abunda), ‘They have their own set of wings and I have my wings too but I will only fly with them. I will not fly for them.”

He further said “nangyari na sa akin ‘yan. I’d been through all the ins and outs and there are still a lot more in store for me. In the same way that Gab has always been there when I have a tour, when I have concert, I want to be there for him also.”

Besides Gab, Gary also mentioned that he’s proud of his son Paolo who will be directing Sarah Geronimo’s upcoming concert as well as his daughter Kiana who just recently attended Fashion Week in London.

“In many ways, they are doing a lot better than I am and I’m really happy and proud… In the field that they are in they really are much better than I am,” Gary concluded.

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