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The BIG Reveal: Is Jessy Mendiola Really Pregnant??


There’s a controversial rumour circulating around Jessy Mendiola insinuating that the alluring actress from the romantic family drama series, “You’re My Home” is actually pregnant.

“You’re My Home” is directed by a creative director, Jerry Lopez Sineneng, starring Dawn Zulueta, Richard Gomez, JC de Vera and Jessy Mendiola. The drama series will be aired on November 9, 2015.

When the charming actress was approached regarding the “pregnant” rumours about her, she vehemently denied that she is pregnant.

According to ABS CBN, Mendiola said: “Hindi ko nga alam na may balita na preggy ako. Kanina ko lang nalaman. Bakit kaya? Siguro kasi malaman ako ngayon. I don’t know.”

When she was asked when the pregnancy gossip actually reached her, Mendiola just said in a sarcastic mode: “Iba na rin pala ngayon kasi mas nauuna pang malaman ng iba na buntis ka kesa sa sarili mo.”

Jessy Mendiola has reputedly been the target of nasty rumors in the past, particularly the speculations that she broke up with her boyfriend JM de Guzman. However, Jessy elucidated recently, that she and JC de Guzman are still very much in a relationship.

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