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Filipino Contestant In ‘X Factor Australia’ Has Just Made It In The Final Four… OMG


The proud Pinoy community in Australia are tuning in to ‘X Factor Australia’ especially when one of the final four contestants happened to be a talented Filipino-Australian singer who goes by the name of Cyrus Villanueva.

The judges were stunned as they watched Cyrus sing his amazing rendition of “Love Me Like You Do”, by Ellie Goulding, which he sang while playing the piano much to the delight of the mesmerized and emotional crowd who were almost in tears as they listened and watched him perform.

Dannii Minogue said to him after his performance: “You’re a singer, you’re a musician, and you’re a talent. I turned around and not only were people standing up, there were people crying as well. It’s a beautiful love song and you conveyed that so well.”

While his mentor, American rock singer Chris Isaak, added: “I’m really happy that you took the hard way and not the easy way ’cause I offered you and said, ‘you don’t have to play the piano.’ You could just sing. …I’m proud of you.”

The anxious and enthusiastic crowd were eagerly waiting for the announcement and you can really feel the intense pressure even from the judges themselves when it came down to choosing the contestants who will make it to the final four.

Eventually, Cyrus Villanueva was named as one of the final four and that’s when the audience, particularly the Filipino group couldn’t contain their joy and excitement giving Cyrus a standing ovation as they shouted, clapped their hands and whistled for him when his name was called!

In the next round of the ‘X Factor Australia’ semi-finals, Cyrus Villanueva will be facing off with Big T (Tangaroa Te Tai), Louise Adams and with the singing duo Jess and Matt.

Fellow Pinoy in Australia, let us continue to support Cyrus Villanueva by calling 1902 555 709 or texting CYRUS to 191777.

Let’s hope that this will be another Marlisa Punzalan in the making!

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