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The Rise To Prominence Of Glyssa Perez: One Of The Most Gorgeous Beauty Queens Down Under!

Glyssa Leiann Bingas-Perez has arrived to conquer the world of pageantry. As a testament to both her inner and outer beauty, Glyssa was recently crowned Miss Philippines-Australia 2014, at Prairiewood’s Fairfield Showground during the 26th Grand Philippine Sydney Fiesta Kultura.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, by her Filipino parents, Glyssa’s natural beauty and charisma ment the door of beauty pageant has always been open to her. She was initially asked to join the competition when she was only 15 years old and, despite turning down the invitation at the time, the opportunities kept knocking. After four years of keeping this dream on the backburner, a crown that confirms her beauty, intelligence and good heart was bequeathed to her in what she describes as one of the most surreal and powerful moments in her life.

“Being in the pageant industry is fun. It is a fantastic platform that boosts self-confidence.” Glyssa says. “Confidence exudes naturally if you believe in yourself and joining beauty pageants like Miss Philippines-Australia is a great way to showcase the real beauty and graceful characteristics of being a woman.” Glyssa knows how to be a true beauty queen. She surrounds herself with wonderful people that plant seeds of positive influences to her personality so she won’t be swayed towards the superficial side of the world she is now enjoying.

Winning the pageant for Miss Philippines-Australia holds a deeper meaning for Glyssa; it has bridged the distance between her and people from many walks of life. Her title has allowed her to meet different, interesting personalities from local politicians and community group leaders to celebrities and local Filipinos. For Glyssa, bagging the crown isn’t so much about validating beauty or wit but about having the opportunities to transcend competing ideologies, social status and personal opinions.


And though she’s receiving plenty of favourable attention, Glyssa is more focussed on how grateful she is to her family and supporters. “They relentlessly pushed me with encouragement and love when I doubted myself,” She says, “Their hard work and sacrifices are what catapulted me to this wonderful blessing in my life.” When rose-tinted glamour and fame become overwhelming, Glyssa turns to these same people and anchors herself to God who keeps keeping her strongly grounded.

Glyssa is savouring the fruit of her labour while trying to finish her studies in Sydney. She is taking up a Bachelor Degree in Commerce and continues to work part-time while supporting community fund-raising events as part of her responsibility as Miss Philippines-Australia. Glyssa also plans to further her career in beauty pageantry. She plans to relocate to the Philippines in two years’ time to be fielded in other major beauty pageant events in the country. Some of her dreams may have already come true ths year, but for someone with her heart and capability, becoming Miss Philippines-Australia is just the beginning .

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