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Here’s The Big Reason Why Solenn Didn’t Want To Work With Ex-Lover Derek Before… OMG


For those who don’t know, Solenn Heussaff and Derek Ramsay actually used to be a couple who were so in love with each other when they were just starting out in showbizness.

When Heussaff was interviewed Boy Abunda just recently regarding the main reason why they broke up, she mentioned that never actually had a “proper conversation” with Ramsay for 9 years after they broke up.

She said “it was difficult before. We were both young. We were both in this really intense relationship. Parang we kind of ended up hating each other in some points. And then it ended there.”

The ex-lovers are starring in a movie called “Love is Blind” and during an interview with ABS CBN; she mentioned a non-negotiable demand regarding working with ex-boyfriend Derek Ramsay on their movie. She said “I don’t want the press release of the movie to be about that [kissing scene].”

She also explained why she didn’t want to work with Ramsay before. She said that she did not want to be referred to as just the “ex of Derek” when she decided to enter the industry so she refused to accept any offers that would oblige her to work with Ramsay. She decided that she wanted to make it on her own by establishing her identity.

She said “when I entered showbiz the questions that were being asked all the time was about Derek. And I made my name in the industry no just being the ex of Derek. So, no talaga ako.”

Well if you want to see the old couple reunite then you should watch “Love is Blind” which is written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana and due to be released nationwide starting February 10.

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