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Sunshine Cruz’s Child Abuse Allegations Against Cezar Montano Has Been Dismissed By The Court


Sunshine Cruz already knew beforehand that her complaint against estranged husband, Cesar Montano was junked by the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office, but she was totally surprised that the result of the court decision was only released very recently.

The news of the case dismissal against Cesar no longer arrived as a surprise report for Sunshine who filed cases of child abuse (R.A. 7610) and Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children (R.A, 9262) versus her estranged husband Montano.
The resolution was signed by the Assistant City Prosecutor Ferdinand Baylon who pronounced Cesar Montano as not guilty of the accusation and complaints filed against him on February 2015 by Sunshine Cruz.

Sunshine stated: “My lawyer is taking care of it. Actually, alam ko na siya two weeks ago, so surprising na ngayon lang lumabas. But I knew it.”

What was her reaction together with her children with Cesar referring to the decision penned by the Quezon City Prosecutors’Office?

Sunshine replied: “Well, of course, it’s a shock to us. Kasi, we all know na we have all the evidences, di ba? Pero it’s okay dahil ano naman, nandiyan naman ang lawyer to fix it, and do something.”

It was said that one of the reasons why the complaints made by Sunshine was dismissed by the QC Prosecutors’ Office against her estranged husband Cesar was attributed to the fact that the actress failed to present her children to appear and stand as witnesses being the victims of the incident thus resulting to the lack of probable cause of the case filed against Cesar.

Is Sunshine ready this time to allow her children to appear in court to give a statement against their father?

Sunshine clarified: “Of course, it’s not me who’s willing. The kids are the ones who are willing.
“But we weren’t able to have that chance, eh… So, it’s really shocking and surprising to us.”

In her own point of view, does she think that the Prosecutors’ Office was unbiased in its decision to dismiss the case against Cesar?

The Kapamilya actress remarked:”Di ba kasi, kapag child abuse case, it’s really impossible to be junked, di ba?

Parang it’s something na dapat ay pina-prioritize, eh. So, whatever it is, nandiyan naman ang lawyer ko to fix everything.”

She also said that the case filed against her estranged husband is not yet over and she already lodged an appeal in disagreement with the decision of the Quezon City Prosecutors Office.

Sunshine said: “Yes, for the kids.”

When asked about her three beautiful daughters, the sexy actress said: “So far, they’re okay. They are doing well in school, they are happy kids now… honour students sa La Salle…Open naman kasi kami to each other, open ako sa kanila, and they know what’s happening.”

About her estranged husband Cesar Montano, did she get the chance to talk to him?

According to Sunshine:”We don’t talk, eh… it’s been three years since we’re separated, but still, we don’t talk.”

We wish you both a peaceful settlement of the case.

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