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Rodrigo Duterte’s Daughter Just Revealed That She Was Sexually Abused


The controversial statement of the PDP-Laban standard-bearer and Davao City mayor, Rodrigo Duterte is continuing to be a hot issue and a trending topic in the social media concerning the Australian lay missionary, Jacqueline Hamill who was raped and murdered in 1989.

Rodrigo Duterte was still the mayor of Davao City during that year. After a series of tirades against him, Duterte responded by politely solicited an apology for his spontaneous remark about the incident.

In the middle of relentless attack being currently hurled versus the mayor, his daughter, former Davao City mayor, Sara Duterte came to his defense.

On April 18, Sarah posted on her Instagram account a message wherein she admitted that she was also a rape victim.

In spite of the heavy criticism being thrown to her father, she’s still will definitely vote for him as President.

Sarah did not reveal other details about the issue, but she clearly stated in her message declaring her full support for his Dad, who’s receiving a massive bombardment of criticisms on the social media.

Sara said: “Not a joke. I am a rape victim. But I will still vote for president Rodrigo Duterte.”

In her inscription, she remarked: “Day 14. Finally said it. Good morning.”

The controversial issue emanated when a viral video was uploaded in the YouTube by Beatboxer Ng Pinas implicating Davao mayor Rodrigo Duterte cracking a joke about an Australian missionary who was raped and killed in the 1989 incident.

The mayor in his reckless joke said: “Napakaganda. Dapat ang mayor muna ang nauna.”

Duterte was alluding to Australian lay missionary Jacqueline Hamill as one of the hostages of the 15 jail inmates who tried to escape from the Davao Penal Colony in 1989. The Australian missionary, Jacqueline was raped and killed by the inmates, according to a reliable report.

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