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Jessy Mendiola Denies Being The Woman Behind Angel Locsin And Luis Manzano Break-Up


Jessy Mendiola – proclaimed as the 2016 Sexiest Woman in the Philippines by men’s magazine FHM Philippines is again at the centre of controversy over the split-up of Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano.

Jessy reacted to the allegation of being the reason of the break-up between Angel and Luis as insinuated by Locsin in her recent statement.

Mendiola said: “problema na nila yun kung gusto nila mag-usap about it or anything or clear anything with each other… I think that’s their problem. Pero huwag nila ako isasali. At huwag niya akong isasali kasi alam niya sa puso niya na hindi yun totoo.”

She seemingly reacted also to Angel’s assertion of discontent pertaining to her going out on a date with Luis and the blossoming relationship with him.

Apparently, Locsin did not deny the speculation that there’s a third party involved concerning her split-up with Manzano.

In an interview, Angel Locsin awkwardly expressed her point of view when she answered the questions regarding Luis Manzano and Kapamilya star Jessy Mendiola.

Angel said: “Wala naman akong itatago sa inyo, eh.

Ano ba ire-react ko? Nandoon na sila sa ganoong buhay so nandito naman ako sa buhay ko, di ba?

Wala akong magandang masabi so hindi na lang ako magsasalita.

Kung ini-enjoy nila yung moment na yun, e, di good job!”

According to Angel, she’s anticipating that Luis and Jessy will eventually admit the real score between the two of them.

She continued: “May proseso kasi ‘yan, siguro binabalanse lang nila kung paano nila aaminin, di ba? Pero buhay na nila yun, eh. Iba rin ako.”

Until now, Angel and Luis are not yet ready to reveal the main reason of their break-up.

Meanwhile, Jessie insisted that she has nothing to do with the split-up of Angel and Luis at the beginning of this year 2016.

She remarked: “You know, honestly, if it were true, I wouldn’t be here right now facing you guys.

For me, it was clear that they broke up already when Luis started courting me.

And babae ako, it happened to me before. I wouldn’t do that to any other girl.”

The beautiful Kapamilya actress was not able to contain her emotions in the middle of the accusation that she usurped the boyfriend of others.

She said: “It hurts kapag sinasabi nila—[for] lack of better term—ahas ka.

Wala lang, kasi labas ako sa kanila and what happened between the two of them.”

“So, yung amin, I think dapat labas na rin siya dun… Di ba, ganun naman yun?” she added.

Meantime, Jessy Mendiola admitted that she allowed Luis Manzano to take over her Instagram account last Saturday who volunteered to block the bashers throwing abusive words against her.

Jessy narrated, “Actually, si Luis kasi, he kept on calling me and texting me, saying sorry about what’s happening right now.

“What he did was he asked for my Instagram password.

“And then he took over my account and then he blocked them one by one for me.”

Jesse Mendiola is requesting the netizens not to pass judgement on her with the current break-up of Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin.

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