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5 Mouthwatering Pinoy Dishes You Definitely Need To Make This Christmas

It’s that time of year again! Are you missing the Filipino Christmas recipes that are staples of your annual Noche Buena?

Noche Buena, which means Good night in Spanish, is one of the most prominent aspects of the Philippines’ Spanish-influenced culture. In the country, this customary dinner happens after the Midnight Mass called Misa de Gallo. On
Christmas Eve, families and friends gather in the table to share a sumptuous meal as laughter and happiness fill the air. While heartfelt conversation is a moment that truly re-strengthens the familial bond, no one could deny the satisfaction that Christmas recipes could add to the festive mood.

Are you ready to reminisce and reintroduce yourself to these mouth-watering Christmas recipes? Read on!



May it be roasted pig or belly of pork, no recipes could beat the taste of any foods roasted over coals. Noche Buena tables have always been dominated by roasted pigs, especially when partnered with your favourite lechon dips such as the household brand Mang Tomas lechon sauce or vinegar with ample of chopped garlic.

Chicken and/or Pork Barbecue


Speaking of anything roasted, chicken and/or pork barbecue is another roasted food recipe with a twist. This time the meat is marinated in calamansi or Philippine lime and soy sauce with ample amount of mashed garlic. Once well-marinated, the meat is then skewed on bamboo skewers and then off to the barbecue grill. While the taste is truly gratifying, its aroma when barbecued will also never disappoint.

Queso de Bola


Queso de Bola or Edam cheese in Netherlands is a semi-hard rounded cheese with a yellowish interior that tastes sweet, salty and creamy. Once known as the most popular cheese in the world, Queso de Bola, which does not spoil,
can easily be recognised due to its red-coloured paraffin wax cover.

Macaroni Salad


Your pasta macaroni can be turned into a satisfying dessert when filled with generous amount of chicken strips and mayonnaise. On the other hand, if you want it to be more festive-looking and colourful, turn your macaroni salad into macaroni fruit salad, complete with canned fruits of different kinds. Easy, isn’t it? No matter what your taste preferences are, this pasta can surely adapt to your gastronomic cravings.



One of the ultimate Filipino delicacies during Christmas, Hamonado or Filipino Ham can be cooked using chicken or pork recipes with coconut juice for an added flavour. Cooking involves simple processes which begin from boiling the meat using the coconut juice. As the meat becomes tender, pour soy sauce and calamansi juice into the pan to begin marinating which usually lasts for one to three hours. Once simmered, simply add cheese, salt, and pepper and it’s ready to serve!

Ingredients for hamonado may vary depending on your taste but the process will always remain the same.

Are you drooling yet? These Christmas recipes will undeniably drag your feet back home if you are overseas as Filipinos serve these with a special kind of warmth. Merry Christmas!

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