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Meet The Filipino Inventors Who Managed To Successfully Create A Water Fuelled Car & Motorcycle


The invention of vehicles to transport people and deliver goods at intended destinations were said to be developed during the 18th century. Initially, steam-powered self-propelled vehicles were invented and eventually improved the car design powered by an internal-combustion engine fuelled by hydrogen.

However, it was said that the first production of automobiles was done in Germany in 1888 under license from Benz by Emile Roger. Different car manufacturers later developed their own designs and styles with much improvisation to do its best to capture and dominate the car industry market worldwide. It seems that it’s just a matter of opinion as to who’s the original inventor of automobile, but if we want to give recognition to one inventor, Karl Benz from Germany would apparently be the person to be given the accreditation. Karl Benz was considered as the one who invented the real automobile sometime between 1885 to 1886, which was then followed by other car manufacturers up to now.

Automobiles come in various designs, classes, and types. Nowadays, cars run on the street using gasoline, diesel, and electric powered engines.

However, another very impressive innovation about the principle of running a motorcycle or car fuelled by water are now being tested on the road by Filipino inventors Daniel Dingel and Noli Dazo.

The Filipinos are not only popular in the arts of fashion and entertainment but also for being creative and very good at thinking of practical ways to make things easier to do.

Now watch how these two Pinoy inventors demonstrated their innovative talents in running a car and motorcycle engines using water to propelled its power.

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