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Tough Five Interview With Sarah Geronimo By InLife Magazine


Sarah Geronimo (or Sarah G) is, without doubt, a world class performer. We all know her as the one and only “Pop star Princess” – she is currently one of the youngest, most sought after and most successful performers in the Philippines.

Sarah rose from humble beginnings to superstardom when she emerged as the champion in the singing competition “Star For A Night” where she won one million pesos as well as secured a managerial contract with Viva Artist Agency. Since then she has been transformed into a multi faceted performer. No longer just a singer and recording artist, Sarah can now add TV host, movie/TV actress and commercial endorser to her list of credentials.


Last year she won in the esteemed Mnet Asian Music Awards as the Best Asian Artist, making her the first Filipina to win the award. Early this year she garnered three nominations at the prestigious World Music Awards and her latest movie entitled “It Takes a Man and a Woman” broke box office records to become the highest grossing Filipino movie of all time.

Thanks to the Philippine Entertainment Network, especially to Nita and Peter Christian, we were able to secure an interview with the one and only pop star princess. We gave her our “tough five” interview questions to answer and here’s what went down:

In all your years in Showbiz what would you say is your biggest blessing and your biggest trial?

Hmmm… my biggest trial would have to be when I almost lost my voice back in my “Bituin Walang Ningning” days. I was doing everything from concerts to TV shows to mall shows to movies etc.. I had way too much on my plate. I was so stressed and pressured that I nearly crashed and burned, luckily I managed to pull through. As for my biggest blessing; well to be honest I have way too many blessings to mention so I’ll just pick a really recent one. My most recent blessing would have to be my latest movie with John Lloyd Cruz entitled “It Takes a Man and a Woman” because as far as I know that movie is currently the highest grossing Filipino movie of all time.


Name one person who has mentored you and tell us the biggest thing you learned from this person?

It would have to be my father because he is also a singer and he has always been my tutor. If it wasn’t for his support and his faith in my ability then I wouldn’t be where I am now. There was actually a point in my life when I was about to give up because of all the rejections I was getting and my career was going nowhere but my father believed in me and kept pushing me to strive harder and here I am now. The biggest thing I learned from my father is to never give up in pursuing your dreams.

Name two dreams, one tangible and one intangible?

For the tangible one, I want to be able to play any and all musical instruments one day because that’s always been my dream and I’m slowly working on it. For the intangible one… Hmm.. I really don’t know …. Maybe world peace? LOL Just kidding! Maybe I can own a building ten years from now… I want to be as rich as Manny Pacquiao one day! LOL

What would you say is your personal mission in life?

I want to continue to inspire and touch people’s lives through my career in showbiz. I enjoy making people happy.

What is the movie title for the story of your life?

Hmmm …. That’s a really tough one. My movie would have to be a light drama/comedy, it’ll be about my journey in life of course. As for the name of the movie … I don’t know to be honest. Let’s just call it ‘Sarah’ for now.

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