Must-Visit: Bantayan Island – A Secret Cove for Beach Lovers


Traveling 2500 kilometers north from Mactan Airport and about 3 hours of land travel brings you to Hagnaya, Cebu where you get to ride a comfortable ferry to Sta. Fe in the island of Bantayan. The island is said to be mythical and historical with different stories coming from locals and tourists themselves.

Traveling along the way to Sta. Fe, you will start to notice the sweet scent of the sea water and the fresh air. Of course, this will only come second after you realize that you are already traveling above the white sands of this splendid island where corals and other marine life is likely to be visible on still waters. The magnificent island holds hundreds of marine life and sanctuary while locals are preserving its natural beauty in any way. Arriving at Sta. Fe port, friendly locals will greet with the transportation that you like of either tricycle or habal-habal, their local name for scooter transportation. From their on, you can select the different resorts at an affordable cost.

Below are some good beach resorts and services you might want to consider:

Sta. Fe Beach Resort – spending a day or night in this resort will open your eyes to the island’s amazing scenery. The white sand stretches from one resort to the other showing how each sand sparkle in the daylight. Even the bungalow in the resort will astound you for its serenity and services. They offer boat riding to the Coral Garden and snorkeling, free use of scooter every day for 2 hours, and a trip to the Paradise Island.

The Sugar Beach – famous for its sugar-like sand, this spectacular beach will draw your attention during the sunrise. The sunrise at sugar beach is just spectacular and what you could say as “mythical” where the warm sunlight at 4:30 AM touches the dark portions of the sky and displays colour variations that will astound you. Furthermore, there are cottages and bungalows in this resort that will surely fit your budget.


Ogtong Cave – the most visited resort in Bantayan Island is the Ogtong Cage and Beach Resort. The tranquility of the water that touches the rocks where benches and cottages stand above the water level is just awesome. You can stay for a couple of nights at their bungalows suites that overlook the white beaches and resorts such as Sta. Fe, Sugar Beach, Paradise Island, and many more. It also has a swimming pool and cave swimming services. You can swim in the cave and travel to its tunnel towards the exit. This resort also displays different types of birds and fishes.

Kota Park – so you want to feel like you’re in Hollywood while sunbathing above the white sand? Kota Park might be the perfect resort for you. Aside from being a resort, this place also holds an important history in Bantayan Island as its pillars and stone walls held on to the ancient artifacts and human bones of the locals. The Kota Park and beach resort are also only a couple of kilometers away from one of Philippines oldest churches in the proper of Bantayan Island.

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