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True Confessions: I Seduced My Friend’s Fiancé To Get Revenge On Him For Being A Cheater


I’ve done some pretty terrible things in my life, but seducing my friend’s ex-fiancé was a horrible experience I truly can’t forget. I can still remember the pain in his eyes as he walked away from me and up to this day, it still sends shivers up my spine. Let me begin…

I’ve been really close with the same group of friends since high school. I love them to death, I would literally do anything for them and I’m pretty sure they feel the same way about me.

It all began when one of my closest friends, Sarah, started seeing this guy called Jasper. Within a week of beginning to see him, she was already telling everyone that she was totally in love with him and within a few months, she was engaged! Of course, we all felt that things were going way too fast, but we gave them our blessings anyway as she seemed really happy at the time. Little did we know that soon enough, Sarah’s will come crashing down.

We went to a friend’s party one Saturday night and to our shock, there he was – Sarah’s one true love passionately kissing some random girl who looked young enough to be her sister!

It was hard to paint the expression on Sarah’s face when she witnessed her one true love cheating right in front of her eyes. She was shocked to her core by what she saw and upon witnessing the betrayal she ended up on a mad dash outside the party – we all ended up running after her of course. When we finally caught up with her she was hysterical. She couldn’t stop crying, it took her 2 hours later to finally manage to calm down and only then were we able to take her home.

The next day she didn’t turn up to her class so we all got worried. We all tried calling her but her phone seemed to be turned off. When she didn’t turn up to class for about a week, we became extremely worried and so we went to her house to visit her.

When we got there, we found Sarah bedridden, pale as a ghost and still crying uncontrollably. Her world had fallen apart. Obviously, the wedding was off. I was deeply affected by what I saw, and I found myself vowing revenge.

The very next day, I went into the retail store where Sarah’s ex was working. I walked straight up to him and since I only met him once he didn’t recognise me. I told him that I recognised him as the ‘cute guy’ from my friend’s party. With that boost to the ego, he noticeably blushed with pride.

He immediately asked for my phone number and I just coyly smiled and gave it to him. I can tell he was hooked. He started calling and texting me and then asking me out on a daily basis. I made him believe that I finally gave in to his advances. We were having dinner one day when he decided to get all sentimental and confess how much he liked me. He said that he has actually fallen in love with me!

This was the moment I was waiting for. So I told him: “Sorry, Jasper. I can’t see a future with you.

I could tell that he was utterly shocked by what I said. Tears welled up in his eyes and somehow I felt really sorry for him but then it was too late – the damage has been done. He simply just walked away with his head down on the ground muttering something to himself. I have to admit that even though he wronged my friend I still felt bad seeing how hurt he was. But then what’s done can never be undone. Up to this day I still regret what I did because I played with fire and someone got hurt along the way.

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