8 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Every other company or business has its own website or online portal. You will be anxious to know if the information is reaching far and wide, especially your target audience. It is important to know that every person who visits your website is a potential customer.

So, how exactly and effectively can you attract more customers to boost your site traffic? Here is a tell-all guide on how to be successful in this matter. Not only is it hard work, remember that your competitors are doing their best too!

A simple secret to help you in your endeavor is to follow the trade secrets which work for your closest competitors. Why would you want to waste time trying to experiment with new techniques without knowing if they will work for your company, industry, or domain?

The following technique will tell you how to “steal” their keywords and backlinks in order to leapfrog them in your website traffic.

All you have to do is follow the steps enumerated below (each and every step for maximum results).

  1. Your Site: Make important and effective in tweaks in your web site and use the maximum number of tools to boost your ranking among your competitors.
  2. Competition: Find out who your real competitors and who can turn out to be tough competitors in the near future. Keeping close tabs on this information can give you a good perspective about what you have to do to stay ahead of them in the rat race.
  3. Keywords: SEM Rush is one of the best tools that help with the researching of keywords. Using the appropriate keywords can increase your website traffic by increasing the number and frequencies of hits to your site.
  4. Organic Rankings: This will give you an insight into the most remote areas of your closest competitors and using this information, you will know where exactly to increase your focus.
  5. Building links: Go through the websites of your closest competitors so see their link building processes. Tweaking it to your advantage will ensure more traffic flowing into your own website.
  6. Advertising: Compare all the strategies by your top three or top five competitors and see what works in your domain or industry. Use the same strategy to suit the needs of your web site and those of your customers and potential clients as well.
  7. Social media marketing and management: The largest number of hits happen in social networking domains due to a large number of people present in this space. It is also easier to carve a niche for yourself in this space since it gives you more space for creativity and innovation.
  8. Reporting tools: Use such tools to generate important data about your website and where you can channelize your attention in order to stay at the top of the ranking charts.

SEM Rush is a tool that helps you with improving the traffic to your web site. This tool helps you to zero in on the most common comprehensive words related to your domain and business. Using these words in you r website and blog will automatically increase the number of hits to the website thus, considerably increasing the traffic. This in turn means that you will have more potential clients who will later turn into loyal customers.

Search engine traffic makes a big difference as the browsers will naturally go in for the website at the top of the search list since it is closest to what they are searching for.

With this tool, you can understand the drawbacks of your website, its speed, and areas of improvement. Collect benchmark data to give you a better idea about the closest competing website to compare with your own. Remember that more paid searches might cause drag in the speed of your web site. Organic searches being higher in number compared to your paid searches can help in the ranking of your website analytically.

Also, check the number of keywords that are distributed in the blog and content section as keywords when placed strategically will help your web site have a better rank in the search list.

Following the simple above steps will help attract more traffic to your website and success follows!

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