InLife International’s Top 12 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Of The Year


When you describe someone as an influential entrepreneur, you probably envision Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, or Richard Branson. These three entrepreneurs are definitely deserving of the Influential Entrepreneurial title because they’ve all impacted the world in more ways than one. But when I ask you to think of some of the most influential entrepreneurs this year, would you have trouble listing more than three? Read on to learn about InLife International’s 15 of the most influential entrepreneurs for the year 2020.


12. Roxette Arisa

Beauty and fashion expert, wildly successful Japanese American YouTube / Social Media guru Roxette Arisa is making a name for herself in the skincare, beauty, and fashion space with over 75 MILLION views and 1.2 MILLION subs on YouTube alone. Whether she is giving tips on how to perfect your makeup for mask-wearing, providing how-to-tips for taking that lust-worthy passport photo, comparing designer and drugstore brands with a split face tutorial, or giving how-to-style basics by using clothes you already have in your closet, Arisa is a quickly rising star who is highly respected for her expertise in the beauty and fashion world.

Arisa’s rise in the beauty and fashion world is quite different from her contemporaries. Growing up in Culver City, California she always knew from a young age what she wanted to be: an Olympic figure skating medalist. She began skating at the age of 4, training and practicing to perfection. By the age of 15, she moved to Detroit where she was selected for the Jr. National Team as part of a duo ice dancing partnership. Arisa then moved to Canada, where she was being groomed to compete internationally for Canada, and in 2016, at 17 years old, she and her partner placed Silver at sectionals solidifying her stance as a competitor. But soon after, her world was rocked when her partner suddenly retired, and in 2017 she found her dreams of competing in the 2018 Olympics in Pyeong Chang all but a fleeting dream. The reality was that it would be near impossible to find a new skilled partner in time. But Arisa had found another passion.

Since a young age, she had worn makeup for skating competitions and as she got older, she realized that she had found an appreciation for applying and learning new makeup techniques. She often trained in skating for 8+ hours a day, but at night she would spend her time watching makeup tutorials online and she decided to create a YouTube page herself. To her, makeup was something that always gave her confidence and she wanted to share her advice with others. Before long, her following and views began skyrocketing and she realized that when one door closes another one opens. She decided to retire from skating and instead focus on her new passion – the beauty and fashion world. She packed up her bags and moved back home to Los Angeles. Around this time, brands began to take notice. In only a couple of years, Arisa has quickly become a favorite for beauty and fashion brands alike, and has become a beauty ambassador to Smashbox, e.l.f., partnered with brands like Revolve, Olay, Murad, NARS, Maybelline, MAC, Instagram, Clarisonic, Neutrogena, Kate Somerville, CeraVe, IPSY, L’Oreal, Lorac and created her own collections for Milani and SIGMA to name a few.


11. Jeremy Ethier

Fitness expert and Built with Science founder Jeremy Ethier is an FMS and NASM certified Kinesiologist delivering science-based training programs that can all be done at home or in the gym, and whatever level of fitness. With a proven record of success, Jeremy has helped millions of people change their lives through his YouTube channel which boasts 2.57 million subscribers and over 233 million combined video views.

Jeremy’s obsession for finding an evidence-based, objective approach to working out began ever since he was a kid. As a child, he wanted to achieve the aesthetic physiques that he’d see in magazines and Hollywood blockbusters. He began working out with his father, picking up tips from other members at the gym and realized every single person had their own methods, and quick “hacks.” Everything from drinking a gallon of chocolate milk, to eating a dozen eggs – to performance-enhancing drugs. Unfortunately for Jeremy, and similarly for many individuals, he was a naturally skinny kid who had a hard time building muscle, and refused to use any drugs to “cheat” his way there, and these quick fixes didn’t make sense, and often led him to feel terrible. It wasn’t until he started using real, proven research that he started seeing results, and his passion only grew – even training his dad into the best shape of his life, too.

Jeremy created Built with Science to optimize training with methods that are proven and shown through the scientific literature to be the most effective way to train. Jeremy’s goal with Built with Science is to bring a more scientific and research-backed approach to the fitness industry and weed out the BS and “bro-science” that the industry is full of at the moment. Jeremy’s training methods are based on countless hours of research on peer-reviewed studies and trial-and-error. Jeremy’s science-backed training programs include Beginner BUILD, Intermediate BUILD, Beginner SHRED, Intermediate SHRED, Female LEAN, and Female BUILD. Additionally, Jeremy offers 1-on-1 coaching.


10. Renee Bauer

Renee Bauer is an award-winning divorce attorney, published author, and founder of the family law firm, Bauer Law Group, located in Connecticut. With almost two decades of experience representing countless high net-worth clients, she’s committed to empowering all women to redefine their sense of peace and purpose in their new life. She’s certified as a Guardian Ad Litem, Attorney for the Minor Child, and Collaborative Attorney. She’s also a certified Mediator receiving her training from mediation pioneer, Forrest “Woody” Mosten, of Beverly Hills.

Her insights are sought after by local and regional media outlets, podcasts, and conferences where she speaks on co-parenting, blended family dynamics, relationships, and the art of reinvention. Having walked this path herself, she knows what it feels like to face uncertainty, shame, and the fear of losing life as she knew it. She’s an accomplished litigator, and she boldly educates and inspires women to reclaim their right to happiness through her online course, the d∙course and podcast, Happy Even After™.


9. Pauliina Stranius

Pauliina Stranius is a prominent social media influencer and travel blogger who is originally from Finland but currently based in Spain. Her main goal in life is to inspire and encourage people to live the life of their dreams and she does this by sharing her travel experiences and her sense of style, as well as giving people a sneak peek into her healthy lifestyle.

Starting a blog has always been one of her biggest dreams for quite some time. In 2016, after working for around 15 years in the health care sector and the travel industry, she decided to pursue her dreams and start her very own blog. The year 2016 was actually a turning point in her life. In the same year, her father passed away, she broke up from a relationship, and she lost her job at the same time. As a consequence, she was both broke and broken financially and mentally so she was forced to reconsider her life. Until then, she had been working in the travel business as a flight attendant and in the health care sector as a registered nurse, but she just didn’t see herself in a nine-to-five job anymore. She was fascinated by successful bloggers who have become influencers, and she wanted to know how they’ve gotten to where they are.

After coming across a talk by Tony Robbins, she felt energized and she never felt more alive. She began to read more about dreams and freedom, and she also wanted to know more about living a financially-free life. That’s when she started to re-evaluate what she really wanted to do with her life. And what she eventually figured out was that she wants to travel, share her experiences to inspire other people, and she also wanted to set an example on how to live the life of your dreams. Her true passion is to endlessly explore new places in the world and to take other people on a journey with her.

Fast forward to today and Pauliina is now a successful social media influencer and travel blogger who has thousands of followers all over the world. She’s a boss babe world traveler who inspires thousands of women to build wealth and pursue their dreams in style.


8. Michael Mastecki

Michael Mastecki is setting out to make his mark as one of the hardest working and creative entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry. A creative/artistic studio head with over 15 years of experience, Mastecki is the founder of Mastecki Records – an independent record label that produces high-quality Hip-Hop and R&B music collaboratively created by anonymous vocalists from all over the world for the sole purpose of producing the best music possible.

A true artistic man, Mastecki is a highly regarded creative/artistic studio head who’s sole focus is on finding great music and bringing the best quality Hip-Hop and R&B music to the rest of the world. He is known for creating an amazing new environment for all the artists that he works with. He has helped several artists tap into their present moment by creating a space where they feel free to explore and get in-tune with their talent, giving them the confidence to own any recording space. With an unwavering passion, skill, and imagination for music, Mastecki is becoming a pioneering creative force who is creating an empire via his independent record label. His mission is to inspire, spread love, and change the world through his passion for creating amazing Hip-Hop and R&B music that shifts the everyday narrative. At Mastecki Records, creativity is greatly encouraged – no creative obstacles, just artists expressing themselves utilising their amazing talents. This is how Mastecki Records continues to present the world with the best music available; no boundaries, no creative obstacles, and no names – just great music.

As a former rapper, his artistry, skill, and attention to detail opened many doors for him and was, in fact, the key to establishing his own record label. It was in this position that he gained first-hand knowledge of the importance of creativity, leadership, organization, and persistence. As a studio head, Mastecki is recognized for his creative and expressive insight. His sharp vision and innovative decision-making are what make Mastecki Records a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.


7. Holly Dolke

With over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and many videos with 5+ million views, fitness expert, founder of Pink Dragon, and new mom, Holly Dolke, has not only used exercise and wellness to gain her infamous “Holly Dolke abs,” but she has transformed the lives of her millions of followers around the world physically, mentally and emotionally. Awakening everyone’s inner dragon through her fitness program PINK DRAGON, Holly implements three key principles around the right nutrition, daily movement, and having a strong mindset. She teaches members how to evolve their view of exercise from dreading it to loving it. In a social media world catered to toxic diet culture, Holly helps her community respect food as fuel rather than a chore. Her mission is to reignite people’s confidence in themselves, love the body they live in, and build each other up to achieve their dreams.

Holly’s three key principles create the basis of every program and product she offers such as a 3-Day Detox, 30-Day Meal Plan, and her e-book Sweet Treats. She believes that the most important part for people during their health and fitness journey is to recognize their starting point. She created a short quiz that leads visitors to specific recommendations based on their circumstances and goals they want to achieve.

Growing up in Kent County, England, Holly found her passion for fitness while attending college. As a fashion marketing major, she spent her days sitting at a desk – studying, completing assignments,

having little to no exercise and her eating habits were far from healthy. After not getting the results she desired from a standard gym setting, she took her health and fitness into her own hands and own home (as many of us have this year, too) she started a YouTube channel – which was on-trend in the UK, (especially in food and fitness) and began her home workout videos. Being an introvert, working out from the comfort of her home was the best space and she never expected to gain the following she was building. In mid-2019, her channel took off in a way she never expected with spikes in views and subscribers recognizing her for her flat stomach abs and indoor walking in place videos.

While pregnant, Holly continued her workout routine videos on YouTube but with a few modifications. Thinking ahead, she created several videos that were posted (pre-bump) so that her viewers could participate in a 30-day home workout challenge. On September 29th, 2020, she welcomed a baby girl into the world. A force to be reckoned with, Holly is already planning her 2021 releases including a highlight anticipated line of products and app.


Photo Credit: Steve Peirce

6. Jarry Lee

Jarry Lee is a successful self-made entrepreneur and influencer who changed careers from journalism to entertainment and created a highly lucrative social media business empire for herself. Jarry has a following of over 750,000+ across her verified social media channels and appeared as herself on the Netflix show Dating Around (season 1), and in commercials for AT&T, Dr. Brandt Skincare, and various L’Oréal brands. As a model and actor, she has worked with Maybelline, Lancôme, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Revlon, Apple, Google, Ben & Jerry’s, Nike, and other companies.

She has been featured in VOGUE Italia, POPSUGAR, Mic, Elite Daily, NY Daily News, AM New York, Authority Magazine, The New York Times, Cliché Magazine, Thrive Global, TMS, MESS Magazine, MOVER Magazine, and many other publications.

Jarry has a following of 650,000+ on Instagram and 35,000+ on TikTok, and 350,000+ streams on Spotify, and has done social media campaigns for Clinique, Giorgio Armani Beauty, ASICS, Olay, AT&T, NYX Cosmetics, KISS Beauty Products, ModCloth, and other fashion/beauty, fitness, and lifestyle brands.


5. Michael D. Smith

Michael D. Smith is the founder and CEO of MDS Media Inc. – an award-winning media that is recognized worldwide and continues to push the limits of digital media, and disruptive strategy.

With over 20 years of experience as a creative, Michael is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MDS Media Inc. An internationally awarded creative media that has been recognised worldwide and continues to grow as MDS Media pushes the boundaries on disruptive strategy and content production.

Michael’s accolades in media have been awarded alongside brands and agencies such as Apple, Netflix, Disney, Google, Warner Brothers, FOX, Audi, Ford, Dell, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Jaguar, Bank of America, Deloitte, and many others.

As a Forbes published contributor and Agency Council Member, Michael leverages his experience and expertise on a wide range of topics for the Forbes platform. Additionally, he is continually featured on numerous expert panel discussions where he shares his expertise and insights on disruptive strategy, marketing, media, and agency-specific issues.


4. Natalija Ugrina

Natalija Ugrina is a stunning actress and fashion model who is currently based in Los Angeles, California. She was originally born in Croatia and was raised by her mother, Ketrin Buljević, who’s a writer and a poet. She kickstarted her modeling career at the age of 16 by joining Elite Model Management which enabled her to work with various fashion designers and appear in notable publications such as Vogue Italia, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar as well as grace high-profile fashion shows from all over the world. Eventually, she decided to shift gears and pursue a career in acting. She moved to Los Angeles to study acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute which led to numerous acting gigs. Some of her film credit includes the College Ball movie, Fight of Fury, and A Life Well Lived. She has also appeared in music videos such as 5 Seconds of Summer’s “She Looks So Perfect” which garnered over 300 million views as well as Action Bronson’s music video for “Baby Blue” featuring Chance the Rapper. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she constantly works tirelessly to build her career.


3. Julia Jolie

Julia Jolie is a prominent luxury estate agent, a fashion and lifestyle influencer, author, and fashion designer who lives in Beverly Hills, California.

Born in Russia and raised in Germany most of her life, Julia beat the odds to rise to prominence against the backdrop of poverty, being raised by a single mum and adjusting to life in 5 countries, 7 cities, and 11 schools before turning 18.

Enchanted by Hollywood’s glare and glamour, Julia’s story changed when she immigrated to the US and started working in Real Estate in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. However, it wasn’t a smooth sail for her as she encountered some bottlenecks, but Julia is not one who takes no for an answer – a trait she got from her mother.

Reminiscing on how she scaled through, Julia said: The beginnings were pretty rough, though. Like I mentioned in my book “How to be glamorous on a Budget,” you have to “fake it till you make it!” Selling luxurious homes means that you have to dress a certain way, get invited to the right parties, and meet “the right” people. I didn’t have the money for Gucci or Chanel back then; I didn’t know “the right” people. So I figured out how to “look” expensive, I sneaked into Red Carpet Events, Movie Premiers and made the connections I needed to get the ball rolling.”

Julia extols the bond of family above all. She slowed down with the birth of her daughter, which gave her the time to launch her fashion and Lifestyle Blog, www.JuliaJolie.com. This proved to be a masterstroke, as she combined passive income with nursing her baby.

Being successful in real estate with a blog and store as passive incomes would be just enough for most women. However, Julia Jolie is not most women. She is not resting on her laurels yet. She’s about to launch her new Skincare Line, “Malibu Organics,” a 100% all-natural skincare product. Additionally, Julia plans to expand her real estate portfolio for both herself and her clients.


2. Radmila Lolly

Radmila Lolly is an acclaimed classical singer as well as a high fashion designer. Over the past few months, her singing career has skyrocketed when she reached the top 25 of the Billboard Dance Chart with her single ‘U R Moving Me’ which also featured Dani Hagan.

Radmila presented her last album “Wonderland” at the famous Carnegie Hall. She decided to combine her talents as a singer and a designer and presented her couture collection during her concert while putting up an unforgettable show.

This inspirational woman is the sole designer of the couture fashion house Eltara Casata @eltaracasata. The largest influence on her designs is her musical exploits. For Lolly, her two artistic mediums inspire and feed off each other; the textures of her designs are innately linked to the textures of her music.

Her fashion collection has been featured at Barneys Madison Avenue Trunk Show, alongside designers such as Zac Posen, Naeem Khan, J. Mendel, as well as at the Daytime Emmy’s Ceremony, and many more. It has also been featured by Vogue Italia, and Harper’s Baazar, among others. Radmila Lolly has a huge number of requests from celebrities to wear her gowns for award ceremonies or red carpet events. In fact, we have seen several artists wearing Radmila Lolly’s dresses, such as Gayle King, Bebe Rexha, Mya, Miss Universe 2018, Miss USA 2018, Miss USA 2017, to name a few.


1. Armand Peri

Armand Peri is an accomplished American entrepreneur, investor, artist, author, motivational speaker, and social media strategist.

Armand, born initially the son of Portuguese parents who emigrated to the U.S, had always had an innate propensity for entrepreneurship. At age 13, he created a business, delivering newspapers to people’s homes. However, life threw lemons at him when he became a victim of bullying. It was a horrifying experience for a 17-year-old Armand.

One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized, and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered. Armand refused to surrender his dignity. To fight bullying, he decided to bulk up in the gym. His efforts eventually paid off. He was rewarded for all his hard work with a first-place title in the teenage division of “Mr. New Jersey,” which then led to winning the heavyweight division in the same competition two years later. Armand had converted the lemons thrown at him into lemonade, a sweet one at that!

Armand worked his way through college, first as a bouncer, and eventually a dancer for a male entertainment revue. This decision to take on these dancing gigs was actually pivotal in his life and would ultimately bring him success and enable him to start his own company. His first business was Hunk-O-Mania, a high-end male revue and strip club for women in New York City. As a former dancer, he had the needed acumen to run the enterprise to success. It was a move that placed him on a higher pedestal.

From his strip club venture, Armand has spread his tentacles to being a successful entrepreneur, investor, artist, author, and motivational speaker. His business empire has expanded nationwide, including Atlantic City, Chicago, Miami, Boston, and a host of other cities.

Armand reveals that his biggest motivation is the ability to use what he has to help his family and friends. “My biggest thrill isn’t more stuff. It’s seeking ways to use resources to create life-changing possibilities for my family and others. When times get hard, I think about my children and the exposure and experiences I want them to have. It is all the motivation I need to keep hustling.”

Armand is not resting on his laurels yet. His incredible entrepreneurial drive has seen him open a public relations firm: New Age Public Relations Agency, a leading public relations, and social media strategy enterprise, which he started to promote his own brand. However, the firm’s excellence attracted friends and clients; Thus, New Age PR Agency was conceived. “Crafting a strong personal brand on social media can take time, but it can also yield significant benefits. At New Age, we are experts at creating strategies that will take your brand to the next level”, Armand said of his latest venture.

Armand, having beaten the odds to acquire success, wishes to help others rise from the grips of lack. He’s written a book: “Unparalleled Success”, published in 2019, which shares the steps he took to breakthrough. He’s also frequently engaged as a motivational speaker, raising others’ entrepreneurial spirit and sharing his recipe to success.

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