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GMA Network Launches New Music Podcast To Get Up Close And Personal With Top Music Artists


Are you ready to get up close and personal with top music artists in the industry? GMA Network brings you a fresh and exciting offering that will surely ignite your passion for music — the ‘Behind the Song’ podcast!

Join ‘The Clash’ Season 2 finalist Thea Astley as she delves into conversations about music with various international and local singers, composers, and producers as host of the weekly podcast, which begins September 28.

Each episode features artists talking about the music production process, from concept to publishing, and the inspiration in crafting their masterpiece. Aside from this, podcast guests also participate in fun trivia games!

Thea couldn’t be more excited to talk and bond with different artists. She shared how music lovers alike will get to enjoy this fresh and exciting new podcast of GMA Network, “This podcast is for everyone, but I can say that it is especially perfect for music lovers. We have musicians, composers, and producers from different backgrounds bringing all sorts of stories and experiences.  This has created colorful conversations, which will surely be a treat for every kind of listener. In every song we introduce in each episode, we try to get the guests talking about every aspect of making it. This included everything from the idea to its execution and all the easy to difficult steps along the way.  My hope is that music lovers will have a renewed sense of love and appreciation for the songs knowing each story behind them.”


Some of the online show’s upcoming guests include top international and local music artists BTOB, mxmtoon, Happy Fits, Pablo of SB19, Asia’s Limitless Star Julie Anne San Jose, Mikee Quintos, Bianca Umali, and many more exciting personalities!

‘Behind The Song’ will be available every Tuesday for streaming on Spotify for free. As part of Kapuso Exclusives, the full video of each podcast episode will also be released on GMA Network’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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