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It’s Official: Marian Rivera And Dingdong Dantes Are Now Proud Parents!

The avid fans and followers of gorgeous actress, Marian Rivera and hunk actor, Dingdong Dantes must be very happy to know that their idol, M [...]

Marian Rivera Just Did A Shoot With Her 36 Weeks Pregnant Belly… And She Looks Stunning!

Marian Rivera gave her fans a sneak peek at her latest photo shoot via her Instagram account and at 36 weeks she still looks absolutely amaz [...]

Here Are The Top 10 Most CRINGEWORTHY Moments In Philippine Cinema… What The??

10. The ending of “One True Love” Let’s face it, the movie “One True Love” is probably one of the greatest rom [...]

Pregnant Celebrities Having Babies In 2015: Who’s Actually Expecting??

It looks like Christmas is going to be a more joyous and merry celebration for some stars who are expecting to deliver their bundle of joy j [...]
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