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Here Are The Top 10 Most CRINGEWORTHY Moments In Philippine Cinema… What The??

10. The ending of “One True Love”


Let’s face it, the movie “One True Love” is probably one of the greatest romantic movies to ever come out of the Philippines.

The plot was different from your typical pinoy “pa-cute” movie. It was a very stirring – the emotions displayed in the film were powerful and the scenes were realistic. The three main characters, Marian Rivera, Iza Calzado and Dingdong Dantes all delivered solid performances and that’s the main reason why the movie did extremely well in the box office. Only one thing was a let down in this movie though:

What’s up with that ridiculous ending??

Okay, let me explain. Let’s break it down scene per scene …

So first Marian finds herself in the forest desperately trying to save her favourite “love tree” from being hacked into a million pieces – that’s fine.

Next, we catch a glimpse of Iza finding out from Dingdong that he still loves Marian. *ugh* heartbreaking …

Here’s where it begins to slide down …

Marian, in her effort to stop the demolition boys from knocking down her favourite tree, gets into a tussle with the workers. That’s still okay …

But then her phone “MYSTERIOUSLY” rings in the midst of her struggle with the demolition boys and lo and behold – it was Dingdong on the other end of the line! Okay, let’s say for arguments sake that it’s still possible for that to happen…

So Marian’s sister picks it up and in a state of rush she tells Dingdong that Marian’s in trouble – Well I initially thought that she hated his guts from the shopping centre scene? Well okay, let’s say they’ve kissed and made up in that SPLIT SECOND moment of altercation with the demolition boys, let’s move on.

Within literally 1 SECOND from talking to Marian on the phone, Dingdong suddenly ends up in the forest!


His car must’ve been one of those cars from “Back to the Future” or something!

Okay, for arguments sake let’s pretend that the forest was just 1 MINUTE away from where Dingdong was. There was a forest next to a classy restaurant.

Here’s the awesome part: After leaving her earlier in the movie, crushing her heart into a million pieces and making her look life a fool by sleeping with Iza behind her back, Dingdong straight away gets into his STARRY-EYED MODE … Caresses Marian in the face as if nothing ever happened … Puts on that low passionate voice to recite his line – and in response to Dingdong’s line, Marian gets into her starry-eyed mode as well and instantly cries happily into his arms!


Doesn’t Marian need some time to heal?? Or shouldn’t she have played a little harder to get?? Since you know … he did sleep and live with someone behind her back! Or shouldn’t she at least show that she was hurt by what happened??

Well at the end of the movie, Dingdong tells Marian that he still can’t remember her but he does know that he loves her …

Well what about if they first get together on a few dates so they can get to know each other and fall in love with each other again? I mean that’s the most sensible thing to do right?

After a few dates Dingdong can be all Captain Valentine again and then he can finally apply his “face caress” and “low and passionate voice” technique effectively to the scene!

At least that would have made a bit more sense.

9. The “ex girlfriend” scene in “For The First Time”


KC Concepcion’s first major appearance in the big screen was indeed pretty good, I just don’t agree with the “ex-girlfriends” scene in the movie.

First off, what girl in their right mind would go to her ex’s house knowing that she’ll be amidst her ex-boyfriend’s harem of gullible chicks?? I get that Richard wants to say sorry to all her ex’s, but wouldn’t it have been easier if he called them one by one and set up a lunch date and then apologize??

Second, why the heck would you invite all your ex’s in one roof – are you insane??

And third, okay, the paper message of “to the perfect girl” to KC definitely deserves a gold star for being sweet – but not in front of a harem of beauties that you used to date!


8. The ending in “Say That You Love Me”


To the romantic movie fanatics out there, we all know that this movie is a direct rip-off of the Korean movie “My Sassy Girl.” But that’s not the issue here; let’s talk about that ridiculous ending.

So Jennylyn Mercado was chasing after Mark Herras. Sure, that’s fine. But umm … WHY?? Couldn’t she have just picked up the phone, called him up and then set up a lunch date??

Okay, so maybe she’s not a phone person – she’s into the “in your face” approach, I’ll leave that be then. Let’s just fast forward to the scene where Jennylyn and Mark finally saw each other on the streets and are looking lovingly at each other.

Mark attempts to cross the street and he NEARLY GETS HIT by a vehicle.


Is he a 10 year old little school girl who can’t even cross the road??

Don’t forget the 2 step road rule: LOOK and then CROSS.

Now here’s the awesome part: They finally got together in a grand embrace and they started making out – BUT … Why the heck would they make out in the middle of the road??

Couldn’t they have at least ducked into the bushes or moved onto the side of the road and then proceeded with their PASH-ATHON?


7. The Anne Curtis and Lucky Manzano ending in “All About love”


Whilst the movie was actually good, I just can’t get over the Anne Curtis and Lucky Manzano ending.

So in the last scene of their story, Anne was telling Lucky how much she loves him … Sweet, nice touch there.

But then why would she go to the extent of stripping in the middle of the road just to prove how much she loves Lucky??


As much as I’d be keen on seeing Anne Curtis strip in the middle of the road, the whole “stripping to prove how much you love a guy” is definitely something I’d cringe about!

6. The ending in “Let The Love Begin”


I actually liked this movie, it was funny … It was romantic … And it definitely had its moments – but what’s up with the ending??

So Angel Locsin follows Richard Gutierrez to the airport – Okay, that’s fine.

But then you see an airplane leave and it is believed that Richard Gutierrez has left the country. So in typical dramatic pinoy flick fashion, you see Angel in the middle of some field in front of the airport lamenting the fact that she missed Richard’s plane.

Well correct me if I’m wrong here, but wouldn’t it have been the normal thing if Angel just bawled her eyes out on one of the seats at the lobby of the airport?? Okay it’s the movies so they want to make it more dramatic, I’ll give them that.

But then what the heck would possess Richard to miss his plane?? Isn’t he a poor guy that needs any money or opportunity he can get to get ahead in the world??

And where the hell did that Chinese guy from their high school days come from?? Was he actually hiding in Angel’s car all these years??

And get this, when Richard finally got together with Angel, He started running after Angel – and their friends Mark and Jennylyn started running after each other as well so suddenly they’re in the middle of the airport and they’re all chasing after each other!


Three strikes and you’re out!


5. The ending in “Now That I Have You”


We all know that the Bea and John Lloyd tandem is a love team to be reckoned with. But let’s face it – the ending in “Now That I Have You” is so cheesy that even die-hard pinoy moms would declare – “Baduyyy!!”

So the scene takes place in a subway. In the final moments you see John Lloyd run after Bea on the subway…

Then he steals a motorbike…

He asks the guy who owns the motorbike if he can steal the motorbike and he’d just pay him off.



Anyway, he chases the train via his stolen motorbike…

He finds Bea in the subway again and he chases after her again…

Well the whole thing could’ve been avoided if he just went to her house to talk and brought some flowers and chocolates with him – but hey, I guess he’s a romantic guy so I’ll give him that.

So he chases after her – he finally catches up to her – he’s tripped over by that weird guy – and the roses that he was holding ends up in the air and showers down on Bea …

Here’s the best part: The “rose shower” doesn’t stop until John Lloyd was up and in her face!

How the heck did 20 something roses take 30 seconds to eventually fall down?? That was a gravity defying moment right there!

I can just totally picture the movie staff in the roof showering Bea and John with their extra roses saying to each other “Oh, nakatayo na ba si Lloydie?”


4. The ending in “Labs Kita Okey Ka Lang”


Okay, granted that this movie is actually one of the best Filipino romantic movies around – But what the heck’s going on with that full of crap ending??

So Marvin Agustin leaves to go to Manila and Jolina Magdangal follows her. Okay, that’s fine.

Marvin gets on the bus and Jolina chases after him via her car…

Marvin’s bus stops and so does Jolina’s car of course, so she gets off her car as quickly as she can and she gets on Marvin’s bus to look for him. So in typical fashion he’s not there – Hmm … why am I not surprised?

So she storms off the bus and AS EXPECTED the bus leaves and we see Marvin on the other side of the road – POSING like a model for “Bench!”


It’s as if he knew exactly that Jolina was going to chase after him so he might as well look good and bust a “Bench” photo shoot in the middle of the road!

But wait there’s more! Suddenly, a car full of Marvin’s and Jolina’s friends pulls up and cheers them on! Little did Jolina know that their friends actually followed her car …


Now where the heck did they all come from??


3. The ending of “I’m Sorry My Love”


Let’s be honest, this movie is actually quite LAME.

The only thing that kept this movie out there was probably Judy Ann Santos’ box office appeal and Onemig Bondoc’s pretty boy face.

Whilst this movie was lame, do you know what the lamest thing about this movie is??

Onemig singing “I’m sorry my love” at the end of the movie trying to serenade Judy Ann with that racket he calls a singing voice!

*double cringe*

2. The ending in “My First Romance”


First and foremost, I’d like to say that I’m one of the biggest Heart Evangelista fans out there. I think she’s one of the hottest Filipina’s to ever come out in the big screen! But what the heck is up with the ending for this movie??

*scratch head 10x*

Picture this: To prove that Heart loves John Prats in the movie she had to lace up, get a bat and hit a home run??

What if she doesn’t hit the ball? Does that mean she doesn’t love him and they call it quits??



1. The ending of “Honey, My Love, So Sweet”


Well first let’s look at the title of this movie – LAME.

Sounds like a movie that would go straight to the DVD archives in Greenhills.

Now let’s take a look at the ending:

So Dingdong Dantes was so rich in the movie that he had a helicopter. And since he got his heart broken, he flies away in his helicopter never to see her again.

Antoinette Taus YELLS at him to come back.

So amidst all the racket of the Helicopter and disregarding the fact that Dingdong was thousands of feet above the ground – the helicopter turns around to pick up Antoinette Taus!


Either Antoinette is an X-men with a superhuman voice or Dingdong is another X-men with super hearing powers!


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