10 Surprising Filipino Celebrities With Their Very Own Side Businesses

Whether how rich you are today, you should save for the future. Undeniably, a celebrity’s life in the industry is not forever. Everyone knows that businesses are a good source of steady income once it’s steadily placed in the market. Let’s take a peak on how these Filipino celebrities manage their money and what kinds of businesses they are in today.

Cesar Montano


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A must-go restaurant in Quezon City goes by the name Bellissimo Ristorante. The owner of this is actor and  host, Cesar Montano. If you opt for Italian cuisine, then this restaurant is the one you are looking for. Their most popular dishes are Spaghetti Aslio Olio, Cesare Pasta-which is named after the actor himself, Sunshine Pizza-named after the actor’s wife, baby back ribs, and Angus steak.

Marvin Agustin


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Marciano’s is owned by actor, Marvin Agustin. The restaurant was named after the famous boxer Rocky Marciano. This is an Italian-American restaurant inspired by the time when Italians migrated to New York, resulting in a fusion of their cuisine. On the menu are different categories by which the foods are grouped in terms of different places in New York City.

Sharon Cuneta


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The 6 On Rallos proves that Sharon is really an investor. These are 6 four-story townhouses at No.74 Scout Rallos Street, Quezon City near Moarto Avenue. Each home was designed by her brother-in-law John Pangilinan, concentrating on being both elegant and functional.

Andrea Del Rosario


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Viva hot babe, Andrea Del Rosario, opened the third branch of her restaurant called Longganisa Sorpresa. Eating in her restaurant makes you feel like you’ve travelled around the Philippines for on the menu are different flavours of longganisa from various regions in the country.

Willy Revillame


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Willy Revillame is an actor, a host, a singer, and a businessman. Among his numerous businesses, The Wil Tower Mall is the most well known. This is located in Quezon City in which he partnered with Vista Land for the development of this site.

Joel Torre


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Joel Torre owns a food chain JT’s Manukan Grille in Bacolod as well as several other branches in Manila. Ilonggos love to eat chicken and he wants to impart this to the people in Metro Manila.

Andrew E

Andrew E

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Andrew E is a rapper who has turned into a businessman. His business? He is simply a Facebook stockholder, the first and only Filipino shareholder.

Kris Aquino


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Aside from being a successful TV host and actress, Kris Aquino is also venturing into the restaurant business. To date, she owns the Lena Restaurant and Sencillo, a small Mexican restaurant in which she had partnered with other celebrities.

Angel Locsin


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Angel has always wanted to put her hard earned money on something that can generate income. That is why she established Fuel Up and KTV Bar in Quezon City which has been in full operation since March 26, 2010.

Luis Manzano

Luis Manzano

Photo source: JR Late Night Blogs

Luis Manzano, son of Vilma Santos, has also engaged himself in business. He had invested in his very own taxi business in which Kris Aquino is also a partner.

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