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A veteran entrepreneur, Bryan Legend is a self-made millionaire specializing in Cryptocurrency with over eight years of experience in the e-commerce and blockchain space. He has far-reaching expertise in building businesses from the ground up with an extensive sales background and vast knowledge across all dynamics.

With widespread attention from interested parties scattered worldwide, Bryan’s company, Safuu Protocol, intends to shake things up in the cryptocurrency sector and beyond. Though a relatively new concept, his Decentralised Finance concept has been gradually gathering recognition from various financial institutions. Safuu provides a decentralized financial asset that rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through its unique SAP protocol.

For the eight years that Bryan has been in Cryptocurrency, he’s mastered the art and craft to near perfection. An embodiment of strategic planning and execution, he has hit gold in this field with his innate Crypto-oriented mindset, the evidence of which can be seen in the successful start-up companies he has created from scratch, complemented by his estimated net worth of roughly 26.2 million dollars. Without a doubt, Bryan is a gifted negotiator with a rare combination of management, leadership, and consulting skills.

Inlife International recently interviewed Bryan regarding his journey in the Cryptocurrency industry, and here’s what he said.

What initially got you interested in cryptocurrency?

I have a personal love for technology and find myself drawn to new and innovative things. This, coupled with money from a materialistic and practical point of view, only drives my passion for wanting to know more and do more. Cryptocurrency in itself is a fascinating marvel of how technology has outpaced the traditional banking system and how it is at the forefront of challenging FIAT-based government.

What do you look for in strong projects?

Firstly, transparency; secondly, a legitimate leadership team capable of delivering results; thirdly, fundamental utility with actual use cases; and last but not least, a thriving and positive community behind it.

Do you think regulations will change the way founders develop cryptocurrencies?

Regulation is mostly seen as a negative word as the ‘regulators’ intent is mostly to apply restrictions by reigning in the harnesses of consumer habits. Regulation can be a good thing, however, and I believe it is somewhat inevitable for it to push us all into a world where cryptocurrencies and the traditional world will co-exist in an elegant framework together. The cryptocurrency realm needs to be more mature both from a consumer standpoint and from the regulators. I believe that we will start to see the narrative change from the wild-wild-west to a more acceptable fabric by reducing the grey area that currently exists.

Can you tell us about Safuu?

Safuu is a truly revolutionary DeFi protocol that offers high-interest yields that have never been previously attempted or achievable for all users. Safuu has a guaranteed yield structure that produces staggering results for all investors who participate in up to 383,025% APY. This percentage figure is mind-boggling at first glance, but the results are indeed unquestionable, with over 130,000 individuals now taking part by investing and collecting their rewards as promised. The easiest way to know more about Safuu is to check out the official website: Safuu.com.


Do you really think DeFi will change the world, if so how?

Decentralized Finance empowers the many instead of the few and puts the onus on each other, rather than relying on a centralized authority. With this personal responsibility comes its own challenges but presents unbounded possibilities for generating wealth by enriching the lives of the risk-tolerant. DeFi awards the ability to break the chains of the normal 9-5 job by offering core protocol fundamentals that go far beyond the reach of traditional asset potentials.

In your own personal view what will make Safuu better than all the forks or better than other DeFi coins?

Safuu was born out of the need to offer people the chance to earn money from their investments with a guaranteed outcome in percentage yield. The interest yield awarded is paid as Safuu Tokens for which the value is derived from the open market, but the interest rate cannot be changed or amended, which produces the yield and is why we can promise and guarantee the outcome. There will always be forks, but as Safuu has the first-mover advantage, the financial backing, and the community behind it – it will be extremely hard for any competitor to be seen as anymore but a second wavering thought.

Where do you see Safuu in 5 years?

We are delivering exactly as promised in line with our current Roadmap allowing Safuu to expand in the years to come. We are working to achieve the vision of becoming our own Blockchain with the end goal of overtaking Ethereum as the number 1 Altcoin in the whole of Crypto.

Where can people learn more about you?

You can reach me on Twitter: @BryanLegendCEO or YouTube: BryanLegend

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