9 SHOCKING Pinoy Celebrity Tweets that Never Should Have Been Posted!


Nobody is perfect! There are a lot of people who utter words, out of tactlessness, that are offending enough to defame or demoralize the other party being talked about. And with the advent of technology, people are getting hooked with the wide range of social media networks on the internet; as a result, common people and Pinoy celebrities are prone to posting a lot of insensitive comments pertaining to their colleagues in the industry or certain debatable issues in society. This kind of scenario stirs public interest that would yield to an unending thread on various social media sites. Check out the top 10 Pinoy celebrity tweets that they wished not to have posted online.

Francine Prieto vs. P-Noy

Francine Prieto tweet:  “I don’t fancy balding men.”

On December 14, 2011, when Francine Prieto was asked a hypothetical question about the Philippine president asking her out for a date, she clumsily responded back, “I don’t fancy balding men.” This stirred a lot of trolls and they started tweeting nasty messages tagging Francine Prieto’s Twitter username. Francine should have been more careful in cracking jokes especially if it involves the president of the Philippines.

Vicki Belo vs. Nancy Castiliogne

Vicki Belo tweet: “Nancy Castiglione, you can now openly date Hayden. You have my blessings. Hope you’ll both be happy.”

On February 10, 2012, Vicki Belo allegedly tweeted Nancy Castiliogne that she can freely date Hayden Kho because they already broke up due to infidelity reasons. It is very awkward to witness professional people breaking up over Twitter.

Sharon Cuneta vs. Trolls

Sharon Cuneta tweet: “@Iam_miles kundi kapamilya die-hard, makapiolo lang. Wala namang galit sa amin na ibang tao.”

Sharon Cuneta tweet: “@unica_iha_mhir HULI! Bashers ay mga makapiolo nga.”

Sharon Cuneta tweet:  “Since you won’t stop bashing me and my daughter and it’s all the same to you — maybe it’s time I talk and tell the whole REAL story. Okay? Tutal pareho lang eh. Tahimik kami bash kayo ng bash. Eh di kami naman kaya!”

In March of 2013, Sharon Cuneta has had it with her numerous bashers and said that they were sorry excuses for human beings. The Mega star shouldn’t have stooped down to their level.

Valerie Concepcion and the PSG Party

Valerie Concepcion tweet: “Done w/ work.. Tnx for having me.. 🙂 It was nice to see Pres. P-Noy laughing at my jokes & enjoying my performance..ü #Malacañang #PSGNight”

On December 18, 2011, Valerie Concepcion tactlessly tweeted that she came from a party in Malacañang when at that time; a lot of people were devastated by the tropical storm Sendong. It is okay to tweet about great parties, but, during that time, it was just pure bad timing.

Angelica Panganiban vs. Phil Younghusband

Angelica Panganiban tweet: “Si Phil may indie film? Akala ko ba football player siya??? Lahat na lang artista na. Sad.”

On March 3, 2011, Angelica Panganiban expressed “sadness” about Phil Younghusband’s attempt to take part in an Indie film. When the football player’s fans found out about it, things got ugly pretty fast. Big stars such as Angelica Panganiban should have been more sensitive in tweeting about the matter.

Anne Curtis vs. GMA Staff

Anne Curtis tweet: “I tried to at least get up on stage and say hi kahit 2 minutes lang but GMA staff didn’t want. Thomasians, I was there on the left side of the stage & told them kahit d na ako kumanta babati Lang ng Hi and Hello but GMA Staff said no.”

On November 10, 2011, Anne Curtis explained over Twitter why she had to prematurely leave the show without even performing. Apparently, her tweet caused further confusion and tension between ABS-CBN and GMA. We can’t blame Anne Curtis for trying to explain to her fans what happened, but, she should have included more information in her tweet.

Miriam Quiambao vs. LGBT Community

Miriam Quiambao tweet:“a lie from the devil”

On April 29, 2012, Miriam Quiambao tweeted something about the gay community being “a lie from the devil” which raged the LGBT community. Being a former beauty queen, it was apparent that she had the opportunity to work closely enough with gays and she should have been more sensitive enough not to have posted the comment.

 Christine Reyes vs. Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo tweet: “Pag magagaling magsayaw habulin ng mga babaeng sexy”

Christine Reyes tweet: “Pagmamagaling magsayaw habulin ng mga babaeng sexy… FYI mali ka ng dialogue e baka habulin mo. Ikaw ang naghabol! binreak ka nga e!”

On December 2010, Christine Reyes had enough of Sarah Geronimo when she found out that the latter said something about guys who could dance being swooned over by girls. And, at that time, Sarah Geronimo was linked to Rayver Cruz who was at that time the boyfriend of Christine Reyes. There are certain things that could have been settled over coffee rather that over Tweeter.

Mo Twister vs. Rhian Ramos

Mo Twister tweet: “Should the girl ask the guy what his thoughts are and should he have a chance to stand up for the baby?”

On November 16, 2011, Mo Twister asked a question about abortion which raised a commotion because the fans thought that he was directing the question to her ex-girlfriend, Rhian Ramos. Eventually, the disc jockey’s video diary entry in a form of video clipped leaked that unfolded the controversy itself. It should have not been tweeted by Mo Twister because there is obviously no need to explain why.

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