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Claudine Barretto Finally Revealed Why Her Marriage To Raymart Santiago Failed…Prepare To Be Shocked!


Claudine Barretto was recently a guest at Kris TV and she finally revealed why her marriage with Raymart Santiago did not work out.

She told Kris that she’s only feeling “fifty percent” of herself at the moment after everything she has been through. She did say though that she’s starting to feel whole again because she has been praying a lot lately.

When Claudine was asked what the main reason is for her failed marriage with Raymart, she simply said “I think rebound kasi.”

Before Claudine got into a relationship with Raymart, she was with Rico Yan who tragically died on March 29, 2002 while on a vacation at Dos Palmas Resort in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

She confessed that she wasn’t “whole” when she entered into a relationship with Raymart. She further admitted that “I was so sad, I was so broken.”

“Tapos there was somebody who was there. Parang knight in shining armour… Parang I played safe,” explained Claudine.

She revealed that there came a point where she felt that she has nothing further to give.

Well at least it’s good to finally see Claudine back in the small screen, here’s hoping that she finally finds herself again and gets a second shot at being happy.

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