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Are Richard Gutierrez And Sarah Lahbati FINALLY Tying The Knot??


Are Richard and Sarah finally exchanging wedding vows?

Considering the fact that the celebrity couple is now blessed with a cute and smart two year old boy, maybe it’s about time that they took the next step in their relationship. The couple was recently interviewed by Korina Sanchez when they made a guest appearance at “Rated K” and they talked about the challenges they have encountered so far as a couple.

The glamorous couple reminisced when Sarah left the country and her showbiz career and went back to Switzerland to focus on her pregnancy.

Richard also took a break from showbiz and followed Sarah to Switzerland to accompany her. He told Korina “alam kong mag-isa siya sa Switzerland.”

To which Sarah added: “wala akong ginagawa kundi bilangin ang araw ng pagdating niya at antayin ang paglabas ni Zion.”

For Richard, staying in Switzerland allowed him the opportunity to experience how to live a simple and ordinary life. He further revealed: “I would ride the train alone, buy her (Lahbati) food, and come back to her.”

Richard and Sarah also confessed that they were actually not planning to have a baby at the time. However, they considered Zion as their greatest blessing from above when he was finally born.

When they were asked about the possibility of getting married soon, they simply responded by holding hands and stating “we have plans for it soon… we’re very happy where we are.”

We can only wish the best for celebrity couple Richard and Sarah in their acting careers and as proud parents to Zion.

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