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Enrique Gil Allegedly Got Drunk, Had A Fight With 2 Other Stars And Got Slapped By His Co-Star… OMG!


Showbiz Konek na Konek host IC Mendiola just recently posted a controversial blind item on his Instagram account about a “drunken young actor” last Thursday, September 10 which sent tongues wagging.

According to the post, a teen actor who was bound for London reportedly got drunk as he was persuaded by two of his friends to drink Black Label not realizing that the teen actor had low level tolerance for alcohol so he easily got intoxicated.

The teen actor apparently became rowdy and relentless as he started annoying and hitting on an actress. At this stage, the actress felt really uneasy and could no longer bear the irritating tactics of the drunken actor. She especially got mad and embarrassed when the teen actor hit her a little too hard. At last, a knight in shining armour came to her rescue who was sitting close to her as he tried to calm down the disruptive behaviour of the teen actor. A heated argument ensued between the teen actor and the knight in shining armour together with the actress. At this point the teen actor’s onscreen partner tried to pacify him but she only received offensive words from the teen actor. She presumably got so irritated by his behaviour that she ended up slapping him in the face!

Gossip blogger Fashion Pulis later divulged that the “blind item” pertains to popular teen actor Enrique Gil. The two friends that pushed him to drink were Jake Cuenca and Paulo Avelino, the actress who got harassed was Jessy Mendiola, the knight in shining armour was TV host Luis Manzano and the onscreen partner was none other than Liza Soberano. The alleged incident was apparently concealed from the world as the ASAP 20 stars performed the special show in London as if nothing happened.

As a sign of apology, Enrique circulated an untitled photo of him punching his own face with Liza holding his left fist and smiling beside him. The photo which was viewed by the netizens was interpreted that whatever happened between the two is already water under the bridge so they just have to move on, enjoy the time of being together and change for the better.

Meanwhile, Jessy Mendiola just posted a controversial quote in a perplexed Instagram post presumed by many to be directed right at Enrique which stated “three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth [attributed to Buddha].”

The said Instagram post has this inscription:

“The truth will always come out no matter how you lie about it. You know what you did, so don’t try to squeeze yourself out by fabricating stories. Even trying to ruin other people’s relationship with your twisted mind. Someone heard and saw what you did. What goes around comes back around brother.”

The post was presumed to be related to the squabble which happened last Friday between her and the intoxicated Enrique Gil.

Well, we can only hope for the best for these stars to patch up the rift between them. After all, they all belong to the “One Kapamilya” clan and they’re all better off to be peaceful with one another so that they can work together in peace and harmony.

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