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JM de Guzman Just Challenged Enrique Gil To A Fight Following Gil’s Drunken Scandal… OMG


Enrique Gil just recently admitted that he got drunk during the September 4 flight with some Kapamilya stars to London before performing for ASAP. In the process he ended up upsetting actress Jessy Mendiola.

Well JM De Guzman is Jessy Mendiola’s boyfriend (although there have been rumours floating around lately that they have finally broken up) and he wants to challenge Enrique Gil to a fight.

De Guzman posted on his Instagram account “with all due respect to Enrique Gil’s friends, fans and family. I would like to challenge you to a one on one amateur (sic) mixed martial arts match any place any time… I’ll give you time to prepare. Man up. Face me. (reply to my text messages please.) Thanks brother: @enrique17.”

The Instagram post has since been deleted but it remained on de Guzman’s Twitter feed. Gil has yet to respond to De Guzman’s challenge.


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