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JM de Guzman Just Lost His Second Chance At A Showbiz Career And Albert Martinez Feels Bad For Him

Kapamilya actor, Albert Martinez feels bad about his All Of Me co-star, JM de Guzman, who was the original male lead actor of the inspiring [...]

Is JM De Guzman Once Again Taking Drugs??

The talented singer and actor JM de Guzman is once again in the centre of controversy due to a drug related 1111issue. As some of you may re [...]

It’s Finally Over Between Jessy Mendiola and JM de Guzman

It’s Official: JM de Guzman And Jessy Mendiola Have Formally Broken Up! The rumours that kept nagging actors JM de Guzman and Jessy Mendio [...]

The BIG Reveal: Is it Finally Over Between Jessy Mendiola And JM De Guzman??

There’s been a nasty gossip floating around confirming that it’s over between Jessy Mendiola and JM De Guzman following a chain of crypt [...]

JM de Guzman Just Challenged Enrique Gil To A Fight Following Gil’s Drunken Scandal… OMG

Enrique Gil just recently admitted that he got drunk during the September 4 flight with some Kapamilya stars to London before performing for [...]

Enrique Gil Finally Admitted To Getting Drunk On The Plane And He Apologised On National TV

The blind item about Enrique Gil getting drunk on the plane and getting slapped by his onscreen partner is finally confirmed – Enrique [...]
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