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A Former FHM Covergirl Just Accused Vina Morales Of Preventing Her Ex-Boyfriend From Visiting Their Baby


Actress Vina Morales is currently at the centre of controversy because she has just been accused by former FHM covergirl Avi Siwa. Apparently she is preventing Siwa’s former partner, Marc Lambert (who is currently seeing Vina) from visiting their newly born daughter.

Avi Siwa, the 2009 FHM cover girl, expressed her frustration against the gifted singer-actress, Vina Morales, because apparently Vina was trying to prevent Marc Lambert from visiting his recently born daughter from Avi.

Avi’s daughter from French businessman, Marc was born on October 12, 2015.

Siwa bluntly criticized Vina in her recent Instagram post, at approximately 1.00 pm on Monday for her inappropriate behavior and coming in between her daughter and the father of her daughter.

In a photo collage shared by Avi Siwa, showing the romantic and sweet moments of Marc and Vina, Avi said in her caption:

“VINA MORALES. Actually @vina_morales I changed my mind. Stay d hell out of my parenting w/ MARC LAMBERT.

Ur a new girlfriend & don’t have any right to tell me how I shld deal w/ this.

Even if u get a ring on ur finger, u have no right to stand between my child & her Dad. Don’t bring ur insecurities in my social media.

But if u like to embarrass urself more, go ahead pls do so & I’ll spill here how ur fans are so wrong abt their ‘goodie-two-shoe’ idol.

Ur no angel, & I surely am not one too – takes one to know one – so pls stop trying to look innocent to Marc to get him to the altar, we can smell your stink miles frm here.

Ur flipping out w/a small cropped photo of Marc, saying I can’t post his photo w/ his child & then stopping his visitation to his daughter bec he wasn’t @ your birthday.”

Avi also said that he is still seeing Marc at the moment, she said in her post: “Then sending nasty comments here & then saying u want to meet my child. Ur d biggest plastic loser I’ve ever met.

While u shamelessly broadcast ur ‘new found love’ on every media possible knowing I’m a few weeks frm delivery. So much for being Single Mom.”

Well, we just have to wait and see how this story ends.

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