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Men Who Claims To Be Speaking With God And Aliens Are Running For Presidency (Yes, You Read Right)


The political circus in the Philippines is now in full swing after the Comelec opened the registration for the filing of Certificate of Candidacy of various personalities particularly from the showbiz circle. The Trapos or Traditional Politicians are once again pushing for their sons, daughters, and relatives to run for available positions to be in power and take control of the government posts in order to control the systems and policies of the government. Then there are those aspiring candidates with weird personalities who also rushed in to compete with the legitimate candidates in an effort to reform the government and eradicate corruption.

Vice Ganda invited two aspiring independent presidential candidates, Arturo Reyes and Allan Carreon to appear in his show, “Gandang Gabi Vice,” to determine their real intentions and their platforms, as well as find out why they decided to run to be the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

One of the two prospective candidates is Allan Carreon, the man who professed he communicates with aliens through the Internet, tried to expound his purpose if he is elected as President of the Philippines.
Vice Ganda asked Arturo Reyes: “Nabigla po ba kayo sa dami ng nag-file ng candidacy sa pagka- Pangulo?”
Arturo replied: “Surprising. Madami.”
At this point, Vice asked the other aspirant, Allan Carreon: “Kayo po bakit and daming nagkakandadarapa para sa pagiging Pangulo?
Carreon answered: “Siguro gusto nilang magbago yung takbo ng Pilipinas.
Vice again asked the two protagonists: “Lahat po ba ganon talaga ang disposition kaya sila tumakbo para mabago ang kundisyon ng bansang ito?”
Allan Carreon responded: “Opo, gusto ko ring mabago ang takbo ng pulitika sa Pilipinas. Inutusan po ako at sundin ang Panginoong Diyos na tumakbo ako ngayong 2016.”
Vice tried to clarify what Carreon said: “Ah, inutusan po kayo. Nakakausap po kayo sa anong pamamaraan mo po?”
“Sa internet po. Ito po sa message from above.” Carreon added.
Vice Ganda attempted to elucidate: “So bukod po sa sinabi ninyo na nakakausap ninyo ang Panginoon throught the internet, may nakakausap din po kayong alien?”
Carreon said in admission: “Yes, opo. Like I said, inutusan ako ng Panginoon, well, in fact he gave me a T-shirt and he gave me a logo para i-advertise yung magandang plano ng Diyos.”
Vice asked Carreon again: “Ano po ang ibig sabihin ng Intergalactic Ambassadors, Not Alone in the World?”
Allan Carreon remarked: “God is with us and all the aliens and all the people made by aliens.”
“So ang tao po ay ginawa ng aliens? Kayo po ay gawa ng aliens. Ako din po?” Vice once again clarified.
Allan Carreon affirmed: “Opo. Yes.”
Vice Ganda as if trying to cross-examine the two protagonists under trial, again asked: “Sa palagay ninyo ba, makokonsider kayo as nuisance candidates?”
Carreon again replied: “No po. Hindi po. May problema ako sa pera, but God will decide.”
Arturo Reyes added: “Mali po yun. Hindi po ako naniniwala, ang akin po ay iniaalay sa serbisyo sa taung bayan katulad ng sinabi ko, maging masagana tayo, maging maganda ang ating bansa katulad ng Amerika…”
There you are Pinoy voters, the characters and personalities of the numerous candidates in the forthcoming election are finally out in full force – Make sure that you vote wisely!

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