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Isabelle Daza Just Testified For Liz Uy For Her Case Complaint Against “Fashion Pulis” Blogger


Isabelle Daza, the daughter of the Philippines first Miss Universe, Ms. Gloria Diaz, is currently one of the witnesses who just testified for Liz Uy’s in reference to her grave slander complaint against Fashion Pulis blogger, Michael Lim.

In her statement, Isabelle Daza gave an account of the incident at The Peninsula Manila on October 28, where she reputedly witnessed Michael Sy Lim proliferating “false allegations” against Liz Uy.

The two witnesses, Preview executive editor Isha Andaya-Vallés and actress-model Isabelle Daza voluntarily testified for Liz Uy, on November 9 as they appeared at the Makati Prosecutor’s Office.

This action is associated to Liz Uy’s serious slander complaint against Michael Sy Lim, the Fashion Pulis blogger, who allegedly spread “false and malicious verbal invectives” against the celebrated fashion stylist.

Isabelle told the press in an interview at the Makati Prosecutor’s Office, how she and Isha reportedly witnessed Lim chatting to some guests at a dinner event, on October 28 while at The Peninsula Manila hotel, Makati City.

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