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Karen Davila Grilled Alma Moreno On ANC… And Her Interview Has Gone Viral For The Wrong Reasons!


The smart and intelligent, broadcast journalist of ABS-CBN, Karen Davila was lauded for her in depth interview with former actress and senatorial candidate, Alma Moreno. But then at the same time though, she also received accusations from various observers for giving Moreno a hard time when she appeared in the program, Headstart at ANC, on November 11.

Karen hit back against the bashers though and said in her Instagram post: “Please note – I didn’t ask Ms Alma Moreno about the West Phil Sea issue, but moved to RH Law because she said her advocacy is on ‘women.’”

Apparently, the interview orchestrated by Karen Davila to Paranaque councilor and senatorial candidate, Alma Moreno during the ABS-CBN program Headstart at ANC, created a wide range of issues that went viral in the Internet.

Moreno is running as a senator under the banner of United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), spearheaded by the tandem of Vice President Jejomar Binay, for President and Senator Gringo Honasan for vice president.

In a live interview with Karen Davila, Moreno was questioned by the TV host regarding what will be her proposed programs in the Senate if she ends up winning the 2016 elections.

Moreno appeared to be fumbling and unsure of her answers to the questions that were thrown at her by Davila – Davila continued to ask her a series of challenging questions though and encouraged Moreno to provide more sensible answers.

Moreno was subjected to questions successively tossed at her by Davila and when she was unable to answer them clearly, particularly on the reproductive health bill she retorted “Kailangan pa bang sagutin yun?” in a snappy tune.

Karen Davila’s interview with the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial candidate has now gone viral in the internet.

When Alma was asked to comment regarding the issue about same-sex marriage, she said: “No. Parang hindi naman natin matanggap na parehong ano magpapakasal.”
Karen asked: “Is it a sin for you?”

Alma replied: “Yes. Sa akin, ha, yung magpapakasal. Pero yung mag-ano, okay lang. Pero yung magpapakasal, parang hindi ko…”

Karen again asked Alma: “So, you think same-sex marriage is a sin?”

“Yes,” Alma answered in a the straight forward manner.

Karen asked another question: “If you won a Senate seat, what would be your advocacy in the Senate?”

Alma then answered: “More on sa kababaihan… Boses ng kababaihan… Magna Carta of Women…”

At this point the TV host further inquired: “But then the law exists already.”

Alma answered back defensively: “Pero may mga bagay na di na-implement…”

Karen then inquired further: “Like what? I wanna hear it.”

To which Alma replied “Teka muna… Katulad nun, di ba, may mga na-rape na mga bata, wala pa tayo nung law na ganun, e.”

My kababayans, this is your chance to exercise your rights and privilege to vote and choose the right candidates who would be willing to implement the programs of the administration, establish growth of the economy, create a honest government, hopefully generate more jobs to millions of job seekers in the future and create a more robust economy.

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