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Pinoy Celebrities Convey Outrage And Sympathy Over The Tragic Paris Attacks


Pinoy celebrities such as Solenn Heussaff, Regine Alcasid, Isabelle Daza, Sarah Labati, Maxene Magalona, KC Concepcion, Georgina Wilson and Anne Curtis expressed shock and compassion after a series of fatal attacks at multiple sites across Paris has left 132 people dead, 352 injured and 96 in critical condition. People were witnessed hugging each other on the street near the Bataclan concert hall after the deadly attacks.

KC Concepcion, an ambassador for the United Nations’ World Food Programme, wrote on her Instagram account on Saturday: “Deeply saddened by the current news. Paris became so lovely after all the struggles, revolutions and violence it went through in its history.”

She added: “Today terror attacks hit the city like never before… May God protect my friends, neighborhood and loved ones who continue to reside in Paris. May Parisians find comfort in these times and remain safe in or out of their homes.”

Several gunmen, shouting “Allahu akbar,”according to a reliable report from Agence France-Presse, slaughtered a number of concert-goers and diners but failed in their attempt to kill more people when one of the terrorists launched a suicide attack just outside the Stade de France during the football game, which the spectators thought, were just a fireworks.

Maxene Magalona, was clearly perplexed of the bizarre incident, she wrote: “When is this going to end? How can these heartless and evil people live amongst us? My prayers go out to the relatives of our Parisian brothers and sisters who fell victim to this heinous crime. May their souls rest in peace.”

Anne Curtis also posted a frustrated post on her Instagram account: “Horrifying news. What is happening to humanity? Violence and the loss of innocent lives is NEVER the answer. Thoughts and prayers to all in Paris.”

Let’s just hope and pray that peace will finally prevail in the world.

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