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Mariel Rodriguez Finally Undertook A Medical Procedure Following Her Latest Miscarriage


After suffering a miscarriage, Mariel Rodriguez ultimately agreed to undertake a dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure to clear her uterine lining.

Mariel shared on her Instagram post on Saturday, showing her in a photo on a hospital bed with her husband, Robin Padilla.

She said in her inscription: “Going home today after 5 days! We finally let them go after 19 weeks of praying for a miracle. God has bigger plans for us.”

Rodriguez, subsequently thanked Robin in a related post for being so caring and loving, who’s always there by her side all throughout the agony, she said: “I love you @robinhoodpadilla you are all I need. Thank you for taking care of me… taking care of us.”

Mariel, in writing the inscription, also used the hashtags “bye babies” and “acceptance,” as an expression of her admission to the reality of losing her triplet babies when she suffered a miscarriage on August 12, 2015.

Not long ago, sometime in March, she also lost her first child due to miscarriage. She was eight weeks pregnant at the time.

In spite of what happened, Mariel said in an interview that she has already accepted the situation that her babies are gone.

Mariel said: “Definitely I’m happier now. I’ve accepted the things that I cannot do anything about. I leave it all up to God.”

She also said that she’s thankful and blessed to have Robin as her very supportive husband, who made her again realized and see how beautiful life is.

She added: “After everything that happened, I never felt alone. Not once. What he did for me, he took me out of the country. He made me see the beauty in life and I felt that what we have is enough for me. I felt na I’m contented and I feel complete already. If for example I’m blessed with more, it will just be a bonus na lang. Doon sa time na yun, yun ang na-feel ko na naiparamdam niya sa akin.”

“God is in control, not me, not Robin, not any doctor.”

A question was again thrown at her about the possibility of having another baby in the near future, she replied: “Siguro not anytime soon.”

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