7 Delicious Filipino Dishes You Need To Try Before You Die



1. Bibingka Galapong and Puto Bumbong from Cafe Via Mare

Café Via Mare is an exotic restaurant and one of the best restaurants in the Philippines. It was established in 1982 at Greenbelt 1 and it serves original Filipino dishes and diverse western cuisines at an affordable price with a reasonable amount of serving in a very urban environment. You can try one or two of the chain’s special Filipino traditional meriendas like Pancit Palabok, Dinuguan and Arrozcaldo that will surely satisfy your hunger pangs.

Don’t fail to dip your finger on their signature Bibingka Galapong and Puto Bumbong which are usually served served by courteous attendants to your delight and satisfaction. Since Christmas season is upon us, you can try one of their mouth-watering Bibingkas after the “Simbang Gabi”.

Location: Makati Avenue Ayala Center, Makati, Philippines


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2. Kare Kareng Bagnet from Pino Resto Bar

If you are looking for another specialty Filipino dish with a twist of distinct Ilocano delicacy, you can visit another exquisite resto bar called the Pino Resto Bar situated along Malingap Street close to foodie wonderland Maginhawa – it also has a branch along Jupiter St., Makati Metro Manila.

Chef Edward Bugia of Pino Resto Bar actually serves the best Kare Kareng Bagnet – it’s Ilokano pork belly in annatto-peanut sauce coupled with yummy bagoong rice. It’s simply irresistible and mouth-watering to the max and when you taste it, you’ll feel like hitting the high notes with ease! Their Beef Salpicao, Sisig Tacos and Bagnet Binagoongan are also a must-try and their generous servings are actually big enough for two people.

Location: 122 Maginhawa, Diliman, Lungsod Quezon, Kalakhang Maynila


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3. Adobo, Tuyo and Tapa from Recovery Food

If you’re not a fussy eater and you don’t care about dining in a fine restaurant, you can simply drop-by or visit Recovery Food, and they will look after you – it’s open 24 hours a day. The people behind Blue Kitchen and Mamou are the same individuals who established the 24/7 eatery in Taguig, which serves typical and authentic Filipino dishes such as Adobo (Amadobo), Tuyo (Sweet and Spicy Tuyo) and Tapa (Tapa de Morning).

You have two choices between brown and white rice to satisfy your hunger, giving out a modest and enjoyable protein and carbohydrate food to support and sustain your body’s need after a hard day’s work, a morning workout or even after a boozed night out.

The following locations are the branches of Recovery Food: Molito Complex in Alabang, UP Town Center in Quezon City, Crossroads Bldg. along 32nd St. in Bonifacio Global City and
BGC Stopover Pavilion along 31st St., in Bonifacio Global City.


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4. Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice from The Aristocrat

The Aristocrat is one of the pioneers in restaurant business which has been around for so many years since time immemorial (over 50 years). It has established its reputation for serving one of the best chicken barbeques in town with matching Atchara green papaya chutney) and Java Rice. Their Chicken Barbecue was popularized by Aristocrat’s restaurant founded by Justice Alexander “Alex” Reyes and Engracia “Asiang” Cruz Reyes. Aristocrat started as a mobile canteen in Luneta Park during the 1930’s.

The popular chain also offers delicious Kare-kare (oxtail-tripe stew), Lumpiang Shanghai, and Pancit. They’ve got very affordable prices as well as courteous staff. Aristocrat has proven to be one of the finest restaurants to be reckoned with for quite some time now.


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5. Everything from Circles Event Café – Makati Shangrila

If you are looking for an amazing buffet restaurant then this is the one that you’re looking for. Why not drop by or book at Makati Shangrila and try a wide range of choices available. Circles Event Café offers Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and American foods that will truly satisfy your discriminating taste in an exotic various food delicacies. You can enjoy a lot of choices in pastries, drinks, main menus with Chinese selection of dimsun or roasted duck, Japanese sushi/sashimi, special US prime rib with succulent taste, Indian curries and soups and of course our very own Filipino dishes like lapu-lapu, salmon and a lot more. This is your chance to try something different eating in a buffet restaurant.

Location: San Andres St, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines


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6. Sizzling Sinigang from Locavore Kitchen

Locavore Kitchen is a much sought-after Filipino restaurant that produces Pinoy dishes with a touch of French – they serve only home-grown and locally produced products. Former head chef of La Regalade, Chef Mikel Zaguirre is the man behind Locavore Kitchen and his talent, experience and skills ensures that they serve the best Filipino dishes that can meet the growing demand of his clientele in the urban area. The place is designed in an open kitchen environment with a touch of industrial interiors which set the mood for a vibrant but cozy ambiance. It’s a convenient venue to dine in for those who work around the vicinity and residents close by. The restaurant offers one of the best Sizzling Sinigang with a biting taste that you will surely enjoy. Their Kinilaw, Luglog, Lechon and Oyster Sisig are also a must-try and you can’t miss their new in-house Locavore craft beers. You can make a reservation at least a day or two ahead except Friday to Sunday.

Location: 10 Brixton St, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila, Philippines


7. Barbecue Chicken from Mang Inasal

In spite of very stiff competition by a number of well-known restaurants and fast food chains all over the country, Mang Inasal, which specializes in BBQ chicken stands out and is actually considered as the number one BBQ fastfood chain in the Philippines. It was founded on December 12, 2003 in Ilo-Ilo City by its owner, Architect Edgar “Injap” Sia II.

With around 460 branches across the Philippines, Mang Inasal is considered as one of the top Quick Service Restaurants in the country due to their special and unique process of preparing and marinating the chicken and pork as well as their perfectly barbecued chicken on a wooden skewer which are usually served on fresh banana leaves to satisfy the discriminating taste of Pinoys looking for something different. When you happen to pass by one of their branches, you’ll be able to smell the aromatic taste of their signature BBQ chicken which are quite simply irresistible.

Mang Inasal is open for lunch and dinner, and you can try their special grilled chicken, pork and milkfish served with rice (unlimited rice is being offered at some stores). Their meals are categorized into two meals: the Paborito Value Meals, PM1 (delicious value meal chicken thigh) and PM2 (the very tasty breast piece chicken). Savoury spicy chicken is available for those who are fanatics of spicy food. Delectable non-grilled dishes are also in the menu including pansit bihon, dinuguan with puto and sisig. If you’re looking for extra-special merienda or desserts, you can try their banana spring roll with ice cream, ginataang bilo-bilo (tapioca pearls) and another special treat – their yummy, Creamy Sarap halo-halo.

You can order the food on the counter and it will be delivered right at your table. The chain is notable for their quick service so you won’t stay hungry for too long.

Headquarters: Pasay, Philippines

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