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Here Are 8 Leading Men Who Are Secretly Softies In The Big Screen

8. Mark Herras as Stephen in ‘Say that You Love Me’


Mark Herras is actually paired up with Jennylyn Mercado in the movie ‘Say that you love me.’ Mark plays the sappy Stephen in the romantic film whilst Jennylyn plays the badass Kristine who has no qualms about speaking her mind to anyone she meets. In the movie, Stephen is a character who stutters uncontrollably whenever he’s talking to a woman he really likes. He is perceived as the biggest sissy because he would just follow Jennylyn’s every whim and command. But even though Mark is the biggest wimp in the movie, we ladies still can’t get enough of his boyish good looks and winning smile. And let’s not even talk about his gorgeous ‘porma!’

7. Diether Ocampo as RJ in ‘Bcuz of U’


In the movie, Ria (Kristine Hermosa) and RJ (Diether Ocampo) have the perfect relationship – which was perfect until Ria dogs RJ on their wedding day! Ouch! Diether Ocampo played the role of pathetic sap quite skilfully as he exhibited an unmatched ‘promdi’ demeanour and ultimate nice guy aura. He was seen as initially indecisive and as boring as a dried cracker in the movie but then he later on becomes the most sought-after model in the Philippines. Quite a makeover huh? Yet even though he becomes this all out stud later in the romantic flick, us girls still adore that old RJ with that stupid smile, promdi wardrobe and Jose Rizal inspired hair – What a sexy promdi!

6. Aga Muhlach as Carlitos in ‘May Minamahal’


In the movie, Carlitos is an only son who suddenly finds himself the only man of an all-female household as his father dies of a sudden heart attack. He falls in love with Aiko Melendez who was a bit of a tomboy in the movie, but in doing so he risked losing the love of his family over a girl. Aga plays a super sissy in the movie as he puts on the ‘nice guy cap’ and proceeds to pretend that he didn’t know how to make a move on a girl. A classic scene is when he was at Aiko’s house and Aiko had to actually initiate the first move to make them officially a couple. Aga was so awkward that he was even hesitant to put his arms around Aiko’s shoulders. Oooh how cute … Isn’t he adorable?

5. Dingdong Dantes as Migs in ‘One True Love’


In the movie, Migs is a medical intern who marries the simple and down-to-earth Joy (Marian Rivera) who is a nurse in the hospital of Migs’ residency. Migs in the film is the classic example of a super hunk that has totally been whipped! He acts all lovey dovey all the time, tells Joy how much he loves her whenever he can, and is quite comfortable with being a wuss. Nevertheless, it’s too hard not to take notice of his breathtaking good looks and sexy body. Of course, his character becomes thoroughly hateable later on when he gets an amnesia and proceeds to live with her ex Bela who was played by Iza Calzado. Migs becomes this annoying guy later in the movie as he two times Joy and sees Bella behind her back. As the movie ends, Migs ultimately realizes that he loves Joy though and he once again becomes the lovable sap as the movie draws to an end. Bravo!

4. Sam Milby as Macky in ‘My Big Love’


In the movie, Sam is this obese chef who was so head over the heels in love with Niña (Kristine Hermosa) that he leaves her flowers and food all the time in her house. He can’t bear to show himself to Niña though because he was paranoid about his looks. He was actually right about that because when Niña finds out that Macky was an obese porker, she is automatically disgusted, leaving Macky heartbroken and crying like a little girl who just got her lollipop stolen. He later seeks Aira’s help who is a gym instructor (Toni Gonzaga), to help him lose weight. We all know that he becomes this hot and sexy Macky later who ultimately wins Toni’s heart. Although Sam later becomes this hunky chef in the romantic flick, the ladies still appreciate the old, cuddly and lovable Macky. But I’m pretty sure we can learn to accept the new Sam with his washboard abs and nicely toned arms.

3. Richard Gutierrez as Eric in ‘Let the Love Begin’


In the movie, Pia (Angel Locsin) is super hot and rich whilst Eric (Richard Gutierrez) on the other hand is the super smart (and super hot) sissy who has a good heart and takes good care of his grandma – oooohhh …. how adorable! He works as a school’s janitor who has the hots for Pia but is just too ‘torpe’ to do anything. In the movie we see Richard play a different role from his usual bad boy turned softie roles- this time he was a sensitive and wussy guy who can’t seem to summon the guts to ask out the woman that he likes. Nevertheless, he is still a yummy sissy who is irresistible to the ladies.

2. John Lloyd as Popoy in ‘One More Chance’


In the movie, Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo) were the ultimate couple who has been together for ages. They’ve been together since their university days: Popoy was majoring in Engineering while Basha was a freshman in Architecture. Ever since then, they’ve been in each other’s pockets and did everything together like a twin. One day, Basha grews weary of Popoy always being there for her so she breaks up with him because she felt she needed the space to grow. In the film, we see John Lloyd transform into the biggest sissy and be converted into the classic ‘boyfriend who can’t get over his ex’ character. Nevertheless, the ladies got all gaga over this sexy sap as he effectively portrayed a guy in absolute pain and heartbreak from a break-up. His line ‘She had me at my worst … you had me at my best …’ is the ultimate guilt trip line that just pounces at our hearts and makes us want to hold him and tell him everything’s going to be alright.

1. Piolo Pascual as Lino in ‘Milan’


In the movie, ultimate hunk Piolo Pascual plays Lino who was deserted by his wife so he searches for her in Italy. He comes across Jenny (Claudine Barretto), who saw him as an extremely good looking lost puppy so she takes him under her wings – and her bed! In the film, Piolo is the ultimate sap: He was left by his wife yet he sets out to find her, he looked lost for the first half of the movie, he was very mild mannered, he had the softest voice and he wasn’t afraid to show his feelings and cry – And that’s what we ladies want! Super hot nice guys who aren’t afraid to show their emotions and cry. Yumm! Break me a piece of that!

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