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Has Coleen Garcia Transferred To Eat Bulaga After Being Removed From It’s Showtime?? OMG!


According to ABS CBN, Coleen Garcia has decided to leave as a host of It’s Showtime because she wants to focus on her acting career. She further confirmed that she will no longer go back as one of the cast.

In an interview with ABS CBN’s Gretchen Fullido, Garcia said that her focus for 2016 will be on her upcoming film with Piolo Pascual and Dawn Zulueta, as well as the ongoing drama “Pasion de Amor.”

Garcia said “actually, I was barely ever there during the entire second half of 2015… I don’t think I’ll be returning. Management talked to me and they want me to focus on acting.”

But then after this news broke out, rumours ran rife that Garcia has apparently transferred to rival show Eat Bulaga. The rumours started when a picture was posted online showing Coleen and Alden Richards in Juan for All, All for Juan. But let’s face it, this picture seems to be photoshopped.

No confirmations had been given by Coleen, ABS-CBN and GMA substantiating this rumour so watch this space.

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