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Vic Sotto Just Received A Sexy Surprise From His Soon-To-Be Wife Pauleen Luna… OMG

Sotto and Luna may have an age gap of 35 years but you know what they say – age doesn’t matter when it comes to love.

Actress Pauleen Luna decided to do something sexy and sultry for Vic Sotto as a pre-wedding teaser. She took part in “a special portrait session called a bridal boudoir to surprise her husband-to-be.”

The photos were actually taken by a group of local photographers called “The Boudoir Dolls” and Luna was photographed in various seductive poses dressed in tasteful yet sexy sleepwear gowns.

According to the description on Luna’s photo shoot “amidst the lights and glamour, even celebrities need to take that time off to do a little something for their soon-to-be significant other.”

Check out her sexy pics below theboudoirdolls:

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