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“Pinoy Big Brother 737” Housemate Dawn Chang Reveals Her Secret Of Keeping Fit And Pretty


The sultry Pinoy Big Brother 737 former housemate, Dawn Chang following her stint as the cover girl of men’s magazine, FHM just revealed her approach of how to keep herself physically fit, pretty and trim.

If you may recall, Dawn was actually placed in the limelight when she performed a sultry dance routine with Zeus Collins to the tune of Ellie Goulding’s “Love me like you do.” Her flexibility and graceful moves with obvious physical and emotional connection with her dance partner captured the attention of the delighted tele viewers as they watched the pair sensually groove to the music.

Dawn recently revealed during her Kapamilya Chat session that she’s always keen to eat healthy food and do her regular exercises to maintain her sexy body and remain fit physically and mentally.

Chang said: “Mahirap talaga mag-diet. If you really want to be fit, kailangan pagsabayin mo ‘yung diet and exercise. I’m trying my best na kumain ng proper, healthy pa rin. Hindi naman kailangan vegetables and fruits lang. Basta moderate. Puwede pa rin ang dessert but you have to work out para maganda ‘yung form.”

When Dawn was asked about her most preferred exercise, she said: “I hate running pero in fairness it is the quickest [way] for me to lose weight.”

In the meantime, Dawn emphasized that in order to sustain a good aura it is also essential to always have a happy disposition in life.

Dawn remarked: “You don’t even need to use products. Minsan kailangan mo lang mag-meditate for five minutes. Free yourself from stress. It’s all in the head. Kahit anong dami ng produkto sa mukha mo pero kung stressed ka, ang dami mong iniisip, lalabas at lalabas siya. Kapag happy ka, lalabas iyan sa aura mo.”

Dawn Chang can be seen in the February 2016 issue of FHM men’s magazine, dressed in a skimpy ballerina outfit revealing her cleavage and well-shaped legs.

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