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GMA Star Bianca King Just Got Bashed Online For Posing With Imelda Marcos


The netizenz seriously detested the action of actress-model, Bianca King when she posted on her Instagram account a photo showing her together with Ilocos Norte Representative Imelda Marcos which drew negative reactions from people on the social media.

The anti-Marcos group maligned Bianca King for posting a photo last week together with the former First Lady, Imelda Marcos.

Bianca stated in her inscription: “’The true, the good and the beautiful,’ one of the lines I remember from the documentary ‘Imelda’ by Ramona Diaz. Always fascinated with Philippine history and politics. Especially this election because I am a first time voter.

I watch speeches and interviews of all the candidates during my free time. Who are you voting for?”

It obtained a lot of tirades from the irritated netizens who are opposed to the Marcos regiment particularly during the martial law rule imposed by the then President Ferdinand Marcos.

In a related matter, one of the followers of the pretty actress even advised her to think carefully and vote wisely in the coming election.

However, Bianca quickly responded that she’s just excited to pose and have a photo with a well-known personality and that doesn’t mean that she’ll vote for that person whoever she or he may be.

Madam Imelda Marcos as she’s popularly known is the wife of former President Ferdinand Marcos with their son Senator Bongbong Marcos who is currently running for vice president in the forthcoming national election.

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