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James Reid Gets Blasted Online After A Video Leaked Showing Him Drunk With Two Girls


James Reid once again is the centre of controversy and in hot seat from his bashers, particularly the fans of Nadine Lustre when an Instagram video went viral on April 2, showing James who appeared drunk together with two girls sitting beside him and his other friends, seemingly all under the influence of liquor.

However, the annotation of the girl who took the video was not clear and cannot be understood.

According to @jadine.truth who uploaded on Instagram, James has to be more careful and responsible and avoid going out with different girls often, considering now that he is in a relationship with girlfriend Nadine.

Check out some of the negative comments below attacking James:

“HELLO TO YOU AGAIN! ‘Boys night out’ pa mga captions ng mga Jadines sa photo mo with that dj. Anyareh, James? 1st month niyo pa lang ni Nadine mag-on, may ganito na agad?”

“U can’t blame the people who constantly doubt ur relationship with Nadine, if you act like this, bro. Paalala lang ha, may girlfriend ka na, hijo.”

“Pero it’s clearly seen sa video na eto na lakas na ng tama mo, at nasa pagitan ka pa ng 2 girls. Good job, bro. Jadine.truth has been quiet for so long kasi gusto ko kayo bigyan ni Nadine ng benefit of the doubt at baka nga siguro REAL na kayo.”

“Pero nakita ko to. Opinion ko lang to’, grow up, James. For Pete’s sake, you have a girlfriend.”

“These kinds of doings from someone who’s in a relationship ay hinding hindi maganda tingnan. Kahit alam pa to ng ka-relasyon mo, hindi dapat ganto ginagawa ng taong talagang seryoso at may respeto sa taong mahal niya.”

“It’s not just your image that you should be protecting, but also your partner’s. Uulitin ko James, you have a girlfriend so grow up. @nadzlustre @jaye.wolf #jadine @phospheneph.”

Since the video was uploaded on April 2, plenty of bashers still kept hurling hurtful comments and several criticisms directed to James.

Nevertheless, numerous fans also tried to defend James Reid. They remarked that as a person, James has also the rights and privileges to enjoy his life by attending parties occasionally, without necessarily to be with Nadine most of the time.

Whilst some people are saying that it’s an old video shot, however, someone confirmed it’s new.

According to @jadine.truth, the said video was uploaded on Snapchat on Friday early morning, April 1, and uttered:

“Etoh para sa mga nagsasabi na old video. Galing yan sa snapchat, posted ng madaling araw.

This is what u people don’t get. Wala nga ginagawa masama si James sa video pero tandaan niyo may girlfriend na siya.

He’s been known for being walwal at laging nainvolve sa issues with different girls before.

Seryoso ba kayo na maganda tingnan sa isang tao na may girlfriend na matino at naglalasing hanggang madaling araw, at nakasiksik sa gitna ng dalawang lasing rin na babae?

Opinion ko lang for u James, u have a girlfriend.

These kinds of actions ay ang nag aattract ng mga doubters sa relasyon niyo ni Nadine. Magisip ka naman, bro.#jadine”

Meanwhile, one of the girls shown on the video was Liz Kavoosi, who allegedly is a socialite. According to the report, those companions of James Reid shown on the video were also his old time friends.

Let’s just wait and see how James Reid will react towards this issue.

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