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Manny Pacquiao defeats Timothy Bradley Jr. In His “Final” Fight


The legendary Pinoy boxer, “Pambansang Kamao” Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao did not disappoint the whole Filipino nation as well as his avid followers worldwide when he convincingly destroyed the stunned Timothy Bradley Jr. via unanimous decision by the three judges scoring 116 – 110 in favour of Manny on April 9 as they faced each other in a rubber match at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Vegas. Timothy was knocked down twice by Manny during the fight that paved the way to losing by unanimous decision, which was crucial for the judges to score in favour of Manny Pacquiao.

It was a slow start for the “People’s Champ” at the initial round of the bout until he found the perfect timing and hit Bradley with his sharp and powerful quick left punch in the seventh round sending Timothy to the floor and the first knockdown of the fight. This was followed by another knockdown punch of Pacquiao against Timothy in the ninth round who fell on the canvass the second time rolling over, when Manny hit him with another powerful left punch.

The spectators were entertained as they enjoyed watching the Pinoy boxing icon with his boxing style keeping Bradley Jr. at bay trying to avoid another knockdown punch from Pacquiao.

The two knockdowns of Bradley Jr from Manny were the spark that ignited the decision of the three judges, who awarded Pacquiao a convincing win versus Timothy, considering also that Pacman edged out his opponent in some other rounds showing that he’s the clear winner. Manny was delighted to see the crowd who, enthusiastically chanted his name during the course of his 12-round confrontation with Timothy.

“Physically, if you ask me, I’m still okay, I can still fight,” Pacquiao said later on. “But I made my decision to go back to the Philippines and help the people, and spend time with my family.”

If he is truthful to his word to retire on the ring for good, Pacquiao – who is running for senator on the forthcoming May 9 election– will retire with a record of 58 wins, six losses, and two draws, with 38 wins coming by way of knockout.

Pacquiao, during his first bout with Bradley Jr sometime in June 2012, lost to the American pugilist in a controversial manner but came back subsequently to avenge his loss winning the two bouts convincingly in a very crucial fashion proving that he’s the better fighter over Timothy. Manny now holds a 2-1 record against Bradley Jr.

Some of Manny’s previous tough opponent like Marquez and Mosley, who were interviewed about the fight results, were convinced that the “People’s Champ” was the clear winner and still got the speed and power with calculating moves to win the bout.

However, Pacquiao’s nemesis former pound-for-pound king, Floyd Mayweather Jr., said that the fight should have been a draw, and that the pro-Pacquiao crowd influenced the judges on their scoring.

Manny simply shrugged it off, and ignored the comments of Mayweather Jr. insinuating that he disagrees with the American boxer saying it’s nonsense.

Several celebrities shared their enthusiasm and admiration by congratulating the “People’s Champ” Manny Pacquiao for his convincing win against American boxer Timothy Bradley Jr.

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