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Jericho Rosales Just Confessed To Using Illegal Drugs… OMG


Drugs and alcohol are now commonly used in big events like music festivals because innocent but curious teenagers and adventurous spectators usually fall victim to it due to the fact that they want to experience extreme and out of this world fun and excitement.

Last Saturday, May 21 an open-air concert was held at the Mall of Asia where five attendees have been confirmed dead of drug overdose, poisoning and heat stroke.

Jerico in his observation said: “Kapag may festivals na ganyan, we should be stricter, we should be more responsible.”

Rosales, like most of the people felt sad because of the tragic incident that occurred during the music festival night at Mall of Asia on May 21.

In his statement, he said: “It’s a serious issue, e. It’s drugs. I don’t think drugs is cool nowadays. Kung bobolahin ko kayo in the right way, it is not cool anymore. There’s more to life than that.”

Jerico added: “But the problem is, the kids have bigger problem. It could be their parents, it could be their curiosity. Kapag may festivals na ganyan, we should be stricter, we should be more responsible, di ba?”

He admitted that during his younger days he tried to use the prohibited drugs, but eventually concocted a resolute strategy to keep away from the bad habit.

He said: “I was so thankful that I got out of it and it was because of good friends. Make an effort to surround yourself to the right people. My parents had a problem before, pero I didn’t dwell on that. “That wasn’t my excuse to use drugs. This is a battle that starts when you are a teenager, di ba.”

According to Jerico, he’s more than willing to join any “movement” that will encourage the youth to get more involved in worthwhile activities.

He remarked: “I would help if somebody asks me to parang join a movement, I would love to.

“It happens all over the world, and Philippines is so blessed na hindi masyadong pabaya yung mga bata.

“One of my friends, si Paolo Valenciano, he was there. He felt really bad about it.

“I think people like us, ako, could do something to help these kids.”

When Rosales was asked what advice that he can give to the youth of this generation, he replied:

“Go ride a bike. That’s safer to ride or surf boards na rin. I also encourage the youth to go out, find a church.

“Church is not baduy, I love church. Church tells me to go out, socialize, and don’t be judgemental.

“Enjoy life, this is how you connect. Every kid now will face a battle and I am encouraging every teenager now to be strong, to be tough, to look for that something that they can hold on to, not to be stuck in sa society na ganito yung nangyayari sa kanila.”

Meanwhile, Jerico Rosales is set to star in another ABS-CBN teleserye entitled “Never Ever Say Goodbye,” together with Arci Muñoz and will also feature Gelli de Belen and John Estrada to be directed by FM Reyes.

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