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Melai Cantiveros Is Planning To Take Legal Action Against An Online Troll


Actress, host and Big Winner of the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up in 2009, Melai Cantiveros is contemplating to file formal charges against an online troll who posted a defamatory and threatening remark incriminating her two-year old innocent daughter.

Cantiveros obtained the strong support of her friend Angelica Panganiban who reprimanded the bad intent of the basher who posted a derogatory remark on her Facebook account.

Melai at this stage is planning to file a case against the basher who aside from posting an insulting message pointing at her, the basher also posted an abusive and threatening message invoking and hoping that her two-year old daughter with Jason Francisco be raped.

Cantiveros posted in her Instagram account, the social media post of the woman by the name of Shawi Constantino Enriquez together with the photos and her post which seriously angered her.

The posting of the said basher is somewhat associated to the presidential candidate, former DILG secretary Mar Roxas being endorsed by Melai, while the aforementioned basher is a supporter of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

The basher in her post, accused Melai of being greedy for money and even adviced Melai to fix her teeth because she looks like a witch and hoping that someone will rape her daughter.

Melai cried foul and was not able to contain herself accusing the basher that she’s not in her right frame of mind.

She replied: “hindi ako nakikipag away kahit binabash ako dahil si Mar Roxas ang napili at gusto kong presidente . Pero kung sasabihin mo saken “sana ma-rape ang anak ko “—-ay ibang usapan na yan. Lalaban ako dahil hindi na tama ang punto mo. Pati anak kong baby na babae idadamay mo!? Sa mga kaibigan kong supporter ni Duterte tingin nyo ba tama pa tong ginawa ng kapwa nyong supporter? Handa ako mag file ng kaso sa taong to. Pls help me repost her face sa social media ang pangalan nya ay ( Shawie Constantino Enriquez ).”pra makafile ng kaso sa knyang pagbabanta at pangbu-bully na itu , di na normal ginagawa nya ,at mananawagan ako sa DSWD at Bantay Bata sa pwedeng aksyon nila sa babaeng walang puso na itu. #pleaseHELP #speakforeverybody

Cantiveros even called out for her pro-Duterte friends to support her.

Meanwhile, Cantiveros’ friend, Angelica Panganiban sided with her and posted a message saying that even though two individuals have different opinions and they support opposing candidates, no one has the right to yearn for something bad to happen to the other person.

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