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Sharon Cuneta Is Staying Away From Social Media Because Of Online Bashers


The one and only Megastar Sharon Cuneta made a surprising decision to stay away from social media due to nasty and tweets being directed at her in the past.

Sharon revealed that she’s now more peaceful and tranquil after withdrawing herself away from social networking sites especially Twitter, where she said she’s got annoyed and had enough of the “obscene, painful words” she has been getting from the Twitter site.

Cuneta also disclosed that she has posted nothing over the months now in spite of the fact that her Facebook account is still active.

The Megastar as she tried to rationalize why she’s staying away from the social media, has this to say: “I don’t read [comments] na. Diyos ko, naka-survive ako ng dalawang dekada sa showbiz na wala naman ‘yang social media. Sumikat naman ako. Bakit ba ako nagsisiksik sa social media? Huwag na lang.”

She added: “I enjoy Facebook, but I haven’t really posted anything in a few months.”

Sharon added that d to being insulted by anyone: “Hindi kasi ako sanay na binabastos ako. So kapag binastos ako, gusto kong sapakin. So hindi na, okay na ako ngayon. Kalmado na ulit.”

If we can recall long time ago when Sharon divulged that she had enough of the “obscene, painful words” being tossed at her on Twitter and posted a series of tweets aimed at her bashers “hiding behind anonymity, enjoying a very false sense of power” and requested her fans to be more understanding on why she decided to stay away at the social media.

Sharon said: “I know you’ll understand if I do not use Twitter for some time and just go back to living my happy life with those who truly love me and who deserve my love.”

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