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Piolo Pascual’s Son Iñigo Reveals That He’s Dating A Filipino-British Beauty


The son of singer-actor Piolo Pascual, teen actor Iñigo Pascual seems to be smitten with one of the members of “It’s Showtime” girl group Girltrends – it’s Filipino-British halfie Kelley Day, and she is quite gorgeous.

When asked if he’s dating Kelley, he neither denied nor admitted that they are already in a relationship.

Pascual said: “She’s beautiful, everyone can see that. For now, we’re just good friends. We don’t want to rush things. We’re just getting to know each other.”

Iñigo and Kelley met almost four months ago in an acting workshop. He thinks of Kelley as his “closest friend,” by saying: “We have the same interest and everything.”

“I consider her to be one of my most trusted friends.”

He continued: “I find her to be really beautiful and really charming so we’ll see where this goes. …I’m happy with what we have right now.”

Since she is a newbie in the Philippine showbiz industry, Kelley said that Iñigo is helping her a lot in motivating and inspiring her.

She remarked: “He’s done a really good job in making his own name considering his father.” She added: “I’m super proud of him. I kind of just started as well and he’s giving me a lot of advice.”

Kelley modestly admitted that she and Piolo already met.

She recounted: “I was really embarrassed because it was at the sports fest.”

“And I don’t think his dad knew that we were talking and stuff.”

She continued: “So at the sports fest, he was playing badminton and I was giving him his water and his towel. And then his dad started looking at me and I said, ‘Iñigo, I’m scared.’”

When asked about the fair chance of Iñigo’s courtship to her, she teasingly replied:
“I think so.”

Well, we have a proverb that says, “Curiosity killed the cat.” Let’s wait and see what will happen to the blossoming relationship of teen actor Iñigo Pascual and Filipino-British performer Kelley Day.

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