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The BIG Reveal: Here’s The Main Reason Why Gerald Anderson’s Romance With Bea Alonzo Failed


Gerald Anderson finally admitted the real reason of his failed romance with the alluring actress, Bea Alonzo. He apparently made a hasty move to briefly end his romance with the talented actress way back in 2010 because of his foolish decision to do so.

Anderson said: “It was me being stupid. Bata pa ako noon.”

He revealed that their failed relationship can be attributed to “bad timing,” to consider also that he was still young and immature to handle a love affair.

Anderson demonstrated his desire to pursue Alonzo as his love interest after his break-up with girlfriend and former Pinoy Big Brother housemate, Kim Chiu, which surprised the fans and followers of one-time couple, Gerald and Kim.

Anderson’s mother was not impressed by his action and created negative reactions from Kim Chiu’s avid fans criticizing him for what he did, which pushed him to quickly change his mind and stop courting Alonzo.

In spite of the disheveled repercussion of his action, Anderson said that both of them had learned to forgo of their failed romance and just simply laugh it off. The pair are now working together on the latest Star Cinema movie, “How To Be Yours,” which will be shown soon.

Anderson remarked: “Nakakatawa kasi noong panahon na iyon ay madaming nagsasabi na, ’10 years from now ay pagtatawanan mo itong breakup ninyo.’ Noong time na iyon, sinasabi ko, ‘Huh? Hindi. Parang end of the world na ito eh.’ But like now, ‘pag nasa shooting kami ay pinagtatawanan na lang namin.”

Anderson also revealed that he is now more comfortable and feels closer with Bea that seems bizarre for him to feel this way despite of what happened previously between them. He admitted too that he’s really happy to have this opportunity to work with his ex for the first time in a movie together, revealing that Alonzo was his crush since he was young.

He said: “Childhood crush ko po iyan eh. Bata pa lang ako, I was 15 years old, hindi po ako masyadong nagta-Tagalog pero pinapanuod ko iyong soap niya maski hindi ko naiintindihan.”

Anderson and Alonzo are currently working together as lead stars of the movie “How To Be Yours,” directed by Dan Villegas. The film depicts a story of how two ambitious individuals met and fell in love but their relationship was put under test because of their desire to fulfil their aspirations to succeed in life.

Meanwhile, let’s just wait and see if there’s a second time around between Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo in the near future.

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