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Meet Melanie Balagtas: A Multi-Title Beauty Queen With A Voice Of An Angel


A multi-title beauty queen with a voice that could wow the audience, Melanie Dizon Balagtas is a 24-year old aspiring model, beauty title holder, and an inspiration to all young women. Melanie currently lives in Australia and spends her time enjoying work and admittedly, eating a lot while in the country. Although, her days are filled with activities that are inspiring other young women to pursue their own dreams, Melanie does not forget to hold gigs to showcase her undeniable singing skills.

This admirable cover girl can easily carve a space for her singing career in the music industry but her effortless beauty throws her at the limelight of the pageantry community. It isn’t hard to imagine her life as a glamorous woman wearing a crown, but her career as a beauty queen happened unexpectedly – neither her or her family predicted it. “It all started when my brother Francis was helping out backstage at the “Gaysha” show with Pokwang and Chocolate…’ she begins as she remembers her sudden exposure during the show of the two famous Filipino comedians. At that time, they needed an act to sing a Japanese song to open the show. Melanie, who is oozing with talent from every pore, was the right person to stir the mood of entertainment. Soon after that, she started receiving more invitations for singing gigs and it immediately elevated her singing career; however, another passion was realised as it more fitted her charismatic look. Francis, Melanie’s brother, convinced her to join Miss Philippines Australia where she bagged the crown together with the Ms. Charity Queen title during the same event in 2013. This opened a floodgate of opportunities for her.


Melanie started falling in love with the pageantry community. The next thing she knew, she was overwhelmed by the joy brought about by the people she met in and out of her beautiful world. She is grateful for these wonderful people and treasures the friendships she created with other contestants as she moves on with her career. Further, Melanie could never thank her Aces & Queens Family enough for all the love and support they showered her with. ‘They are made up of mentors who specialise in walking, speaking, question & answer portion, styling, physical appearance, diet, logistics, and so much more!’, she shares. ‘My A&Q family journeys with me during the pageants and in my day to day life. They generously offer their assistance because of their love and passion for beauty pageants and not because of money which is truly heart-warming. Thinking about them makes me miss them to bits!!’ she added.

Competing in various places and taking with her the charismatic Filipina appeal, Melanie expressed her qualms about Jamaican people and culture when she competed in the country but added that she ended up loving Jamaicans and their way of life as it reminded her of the hospitable, God-fearing, and music-loving people back home. Being exposed to different cultures has helped Melanie’s adaptability skills. Her unique Filipina charm has definitely got the locals smitten by her.


Melanie has been into numerous competitions and the advice that have been given to her are armours that strengthen her personality. ‘Listen to advice and don’t be afraid to be corrected’, she tells InLife as she recalls the lessons learned amidst the years of accomplishments. ‘I have been broken, remoulded, and corrected by many people throughout the years but one thing they have in common is that they love and want to see me succeed’, she ends. Indeed, criticisms can shake her but to say that it can break her spirit is far from reality. While she admits that it is clearly the downside of her career, she recognised that seeing her dreams manifest into reality is the sweetest reward.

Melanie has still more rewards to reap, but for now, she is utterly thankful for her family’s unyielding love and support especially for her brother who not only pushes her to do great things but also keeps her grounded when her head starts floating up. ‘I wouldn’t be where I am if it isn’t for them!’ she smiles.

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